High Grade Appliances for Orthodontic Treatments

by Dr. David Dayan Orthodontist

Orthodontic treatment to correct various abnormalities of teeth and jaw such as spacing, crowding, cross bite, under bite, overbite, etc. require the use of orthodontic appliances. There are both fixed as well as removable orthodontic appliances for correcting the abnormalities. The appliances affect jaw growth, move teeth and retrain muscles to treat the orthodontic abnormalities. The specialist Orthodontist in Marine Park operating at One Love Orthodontics dental clinic uses a host of orthodontic appliances for treating various orthodontic issues.


Braces come under the category of fixed appliances and are used to position the teeth at the correct places in the jaws. Braces consist of brackets, arch wires and bands. Brackets are bonded to the surface of the teeth while the bands are fixed around the teeth. Arch wires attach to the bands after passing through the brackets. Teeth are moved into correct positions by the tension exerted by the wire. Braces are adjusted regularly to get the correct positioning of the teeth.

Apart from conventional metal braces, the clinic also offers clear, self ligating and lingual Braces Brooklyn. Clear braces are not noticeable to others and preserve the aesthetics of smile while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Clear braces are widely preferred over metal braces. Self ligating braces do not have bands but instead have sliding mechanism that hold and control the arch wire. Thus, the movements of the arch wire are freer than in conventional braces. Lingual braces are fixed at the back of the teeth, therefore, they are not visible to anyone. The lingual braces do not affect the smile and the general appearance of the person. The orthodontist customizes the lingual braces in accordance with the structure, shape and other aspects of the teeth so that they fit perfectly.


Aligners are removable orthodontic appliances which can be used in place of braces. Aligners do not have brackets and wires but their function is same as that of braces. They use force to properly align the teeth but do not require brackets and wires for this purpose. One Love Orthodontics, an Orthodontist in Canarsie offers clear aligners called invisalign. These aligners remain invisible while performing their function. The aligners are made of strong plastic. Aligners are not worn continuously and removed during eating and brushing. Thus, it is very convenient for people because oral hygiene can be easily maintained.

Space maintainers

Space maintainer is a removable appliance which consists of an acrylic base and wires. The acrylic base is fixed to the jaw while the wires keep the teeth apart and maintain the space between them.

Fixed space maintainers are used to preserve the space for a permanent tooth to erupt in cases when the deciduous tooth is lost prematurely. The fixed space maintainer has a band which is attached to the tooth adjacent to the space and a wire which is attached to the tooth on the other side of the space.

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