Here’s how to buy the latest iPhone without going completely broke

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You know how much costly an iPhone is.

Even today when you plan to buy an iPhone model that’s one-year-old, you’ll see yourself spending way too much money.

But the money isn’t spent on showing off a half-eating apple logo. Instead, iPhones incorporate the latest and greatest innovations in the world of mobility.

Which is exactly why, people don’t mind spending too much cash for buying an iPhone in the first place.

But these people can throw so much money on a gadget because they can afford to do that.

My Layby NZ

What if someone can’t afford to pay off so much money on an iPhone 11 Pro almost up front?

What if that someone is you?

Well, in that case, we’ve got you covered.

In this explainer post, we’re going to dive deep into that one secret of buying any iPhone you like without spending the entire money at once.

Raising the curtains on that one secret

If you think we’re going to tell you about the age-old instalment plan, then you’re mistaken.

Buying an iPhone on traditional instalments doesn’t have anything new. Instead, the trick has been so old—and it even costs you a lot.

Yes, if you buy an iPhone with interest-heavy instalments, you may end up paying a lot of money. Even more than the total amount you would’ve paid had you purchased the smartphone by giving complete down payment.

So, what’s that secret of buying an iPhone without going totally broke?

It’s known as layby.

What’s layby, anyway?

Well, layby brings a simpler way to shop the latest iPhone without spending a single penny up front.


Let us explain.

See, layby is just like any other instalment plan—the only difference is that layby instalments don’t necessarily come with any interest.

Yes, layby instalments have zero per cent interest. And that’s precisely what makes this shopping style so attractive to almost anyone planning to buy an iPhone out there.

Here’s an example of layby in action.

Suppose you want to buy an iPhone 11 Pro. Well, y’know, this particular piece of tech will set you back almost upwards of NZ$2,700. (Here, we’re talking about the top-end variant of the iPhone 11 Pro that comes with 512 GB ROM.)

That’s too much money to pay up front for most of you. So in case you’re not super-rich, layby will sound good to you for sure.

See, when you buy an iPhone 11 Pro on layby, you won’t have to pay off the entire money at once. Instead, the whole amount will be broken down into easy-to-pay instalments that don’t come at any interest whatsoever.

Because layby offers this incredible flexibility, it’s loved by almost every iPhone buyer out there.

In the end

So, what’s holding you back? If you want to buy top-of-the-line iPhones without breaking the bank, it comes down to layby.

It’s just that you’ll have to find a reliable online store offering layby services in NZ.

Once you’ve done that, you’re just a bunch of clicks and swipes away from owning the costliest iPhones without actually feeling the pinch.

Happy shopping, y’all!

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