Here's How Mustard Oil And Salt Help Keep Your Teeth Clean!

by Imtiyaz Alam Mind Digital Group

Among the body’s important parts, one is the teeth. If you want to enjoy the delicious recipes then your teeth will help you in eating them. However, sometimes tooth problems can occur if:

·       You do not follow those habits of cleaning teeth which are good for them.

·       By eating that food which is not healthy for the teeth.

Among these problems, one is yellow teeth. But, cleaning the teeth is possible if you will use salt and mustard oil. Now I am going to tell you how mustard oil and salt help keep your teeth clean.

Some of the tooth issues that are major are:

·       Swelling gums

·       Bleeding gums

·       Tooth yellowing

·       Cavity

·       Tooth decay

The reasons behind these problems are as follows:

·       By eating candy, cookies, ice cream, cakes, cereals and bread which are processed foods and contain so much starch and sugar.

·       When after eating you don’t go for tooth cleaning in a regular and proper manner. Because of this in your mouth, the oral bacteria start growing.

·       The acid forms in your mouth when sugar is eaten up by bacteria.

·       The plaque forms in your mouth when food debris combines with acid.

·       Tooth decay and cavities occur because of plaque.

The yellowing of tooth occurs because of a number of reasons:

·       Because of those habits of eating that are bad. The bad food includes the processed food and sugary food.

·       Tooth cleaning in an improper manner.

·       If you consume tobacco in a high amount.

·       If you consume cold drinks/coffee/tea.

·       Your teeth can become yellow if you will take the antibiotics’ high dose.

·       Sometimes your teeth become yellow because of environmental conditions and water.

Make your teeth white with salt and mustard oil

How to benefit gums with the help of mustard oil?

In almost all the kitchens mustard oil is present. A large number of people in the world use this healthy oil for the purpose of cooking. People also use it for medicinal purposes because of its antioxidant property and the presence of a lot of vitamins in it. But how will you use it for your mouth? The mustard oil in an amount of half a teaspoon is needed. On your gums give an oil massage by rubbing your cleaned finger on these. In a circular motion, a gentle massage on your gums will be helpful. Wait for at least 2 minutes. Then take some warm water and rinse your mouth well. This therapy will be helpful in:

·       Soothing of pain

·       Stimulating the gums

·       Increasing the circulation of blood

You can have healthier and stronger gums if you will do it regularly.

How to benefit gums and teeth with the help of rock salt?

In Asia, a cooking ingredient that is easily available is rock salt. Now heat some water and make it lukewarm and its volume needs to be 200 ml. In it add some rock salt in an amount of the quarter of the teaspoon. Every day at least 3-4 times you have to use it as a mouth rinse. This will help in:

·       Quickly relieving the pain

·       Reducing the swelling

How to benefit gums and teeth with the help of sea salt?

For most dental issues, there are a lot of benefits of sea salt. Every day at least 2-3 times you have to rinse your mouth with a solution of water and sea salt. For preparing this solution you need to take 200 ml water that is lukewarm and add sea salt in it in an amount of a quarter of a teaspoon. This will help you in a number of ways:

·       Relieving swelling of the gums

·       Relieving gums’ pain

A tip for whitening teeth naturally

Tooth whitening with the help of a mixture of salt and mustard oil

Take a pinch of salt and add it in mustard oil that is half of tablespoon. Do gentle brushing with the help of this paste. For tooth whitening, in a natural way, this mixture will be very helpful.

Various ways of keeping your oral health good

·       Don’t eat food items that are processed and contain too much sugar

·       Do regular brushing

·       Every year at least two times go for a dental checkup

·       Visit a dentist if you have severe pain in any tooth or gums

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