Here’s everything you need to know about Tantric Massage

by Stephanie Scott Internet Marketer

Tantric massage is a method of creating energy between two individuals by using various techniques and methods.  It was initially developed in India as a form of spiritual therapy to treat illnesses and various problems faced by humans. Thus, it has several spiritual mediating properties which ensure that the session lasts for a very long time.

When you decide to have a tantric massage, you should make sure that you have your partner in a room or somewhere conducive to having a tantric massage. 

In a tantric massage South Kensington No2 session, your partner needs to remain still.  This ensures that the energy transfer between you remains invisible. 

If you notice your partner begin to jerk themselves off in a session, the session has not been entirely successful. 

More often than not, it is the thermosphere that is the culprit for this.  However, it would help if you put this down as your body has a natural resistance to this as it is part of their ability to concentrate and focus on you.  You may want to start by having your partner use the palms of their hands to suck your toes for a few minutes desperately. 

If this does not suit, then move on to your toes.  Each of these stretches should allow your partner to feel a little discomfort if your groin makes a slight shift with your foot.

You can also opt to go through a full body massage.  While this does mean your partner must participate, it allows them to go at it with all their might.  This truly helps your partner to feel relaxed and stress-free.  For the genuinely kinky, you may want to have your partner wear just a pair of slip flops and slip them off for a fantastic anal massage. Once again, this would aid anal breath exercise and relax the anal sphincter and you.

It would help if you now began your massage.  Depending on how stressed you are, you may want to do this in 10 or 15 painful reps. 

As your body is becoming calmer, you may be able to go lighter, trying to ease into it without making your partner suffer.  It is highly recommended that you figure out your ideal pain level and aim to hit that level before your partner begins to complain.  It is then that you can ease into the massage.  Remember, however, that the true power of the relationship lies in your ability to relax, and as such, you will want to breathe deeply to help your partner relax as well.

That said, you may also be interested in exploring the use of role-playing during this time.  This can be a fun exercise for you and your partner, and it can help you bond while you work together to make each other hurt.  For example, you both can role-play the part of a baby being cradled or a baby being scrunched between the soles of the feet.  This can help you bond at first and make things enjoyable, even when you are hurting each other.

It is important to remember that you need to keep your partner in check too. 

Focusing on alleviating pain rather than improving the state of your partner's body helps only to have the effect of making you both miserable.  Often it is you, and not your partner, that will jump to these negative conclusions. 

As such, it is essential to explore all of your options with your partner and try to find the solution that works for both of you.  If one of you is the type that tends to old habits, find out what happens if you go off.  H Ah! 

Traumatic surgery would occur. 

Perhaps you are more of the Balanced type?  Then consider how you would react if there were a fire, and you had to run in from the bedroom to the bathroom in 30 ft of water.  How would you react?  Would you throw yourself into it, or would you be more optics?  There are answers to these questions.

In my next article, I will continue to explore various ways to improve your posture with real-world examples.

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