Here Are The Top 7 Advantages Of Corrugated Packaging

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The corrugated rolls were initially used for packing only a few goods. Until and unless the shipping industry realized its potential and started using it to pack the products. The packaging is almost the 10% cost of the entire shipping industry. It has emerged as the industry which has flourished very rapidly. The most important components of the packaging industry are the materials. There are various types of material available for the packaging industry depending upon the need. In the list of various material which is available for packaging, the most popular is the corrugated boxes. The corrugated boxes are made from the corrugated rolls.

What is a Corrugated Box?

There are many misconceptions regarding the corrugated box. Though it is founded in every household and many have seen it but a large number of people remain unaware of it. The corrugated box is made up of strong paperboard fibre with three layers. The first layer of the corrugated box is made of strong cardboard-like material. This material is paperboard and a zig-zag layer is present in between the two paperboard layers. This zig-zag layer is sandwiched between the two layers. It gives us the necessary strength and flexibility to the corrugated box.

These boxes are made strong and can easily sustain shocks. Thus it helps in keeping the articles inside the box safe from and external aggressions or jerk. These boxes are folded from large corrugated rolls. The edges of these boxes are soft and smooth which provides a cushioning effort. The ridges which appear on the box due to the inner zig-zag built help in building the grip. This increases the friction on the surface of the box and it does not easily slip while shipping.

There are many advantages of using a corrugated boxes for packaging than other paper packaging materials. The corrugated material is the most used packaging material around the world. From supermarkets to large online firms all use, the corrugated boxes for packaging. Apart from the sample size and easy availability, there are many other options which make it the best packaging material.

1. Maximum Protection

The corrugated box provides the maximum protection to any article from shocks. This is because it has triple layer covering. The zig-zag layer present in the box helps it to sustain shocks and pressure from external sources. It can easily handle jerks from external agents. Thus these boxes have ample space and provide full protection for shipping any fragile article. The reason to worry about the state of the article is that if the article is broken or reaches the customer in a tampered condition then the cost is borne by the manufacturer. It is not in the responsibility of the dispatcher or the logistics services. Therefore the companies pay a extra attention towards the protection and safety of the article.

The corrugated boxes are designed in such a way that it comes out to be the most durable packaging material. Also, the easy availability and customization add another star to its functionality. It protects the article not only from external jerks but from the inside also. Therefore it is considered to be the best packaging materials in terms of protection and safety of the article.

2. Easy To Customize

These boxes are very easy to customize. They can be easily made as per the requirements of the customer. The best thing about the corrugated boxes is that it can be made according to the dimensions of the article. Thus there is no such problem of adjusting the box with the article but the required dimensions of the box can be made. This customization is not available in other packaging materials. There are various other materials such as plastic, tin and aluminium which can be used for packaging. None of these can be customized from the users' end. The plastic once moulded cannot be changed, same is the case with metallic packaging products.

3. Cost Effective

These boxes are readily available. These are very cheap and can be bought at very nominal rates. This is because the corrugated boxes are made from the recycled paper. This reduces the cost of the boxes to very marginal levels. Also, the boxes available are environment-friendly and sustainable. The use of these type of boxes does not interfere with the environment. The cost efficiency is the most important aspect of any raw material. Many large firms having huge budget allocations also, look for cost costing. No such industry can survive without effective cost setup. The corrugated boxes prove to be the most readily available option for this purpose. The main reason for its cheap pricing is that it is created from waste products.

4. Great For Branding

The corrugated boxes are excellent from the point of packaging. This is the acclaimed truth but these boxes can also be employed for branding. Branding of any product is the most important task for any company, industry, firm and online stores. The corrugated boxes are an excellent surface to promote your brand. Most of the surface of the corrugated surface is plain and flat. This surface can be easily used for the advertising and promotion of the brand. Companies can use their logos and pack the goods with the tapes which have company name printed on them. This leaves a very positive impact on the minds of the customer and helps in stabilizing the brand value in the market.

5. They Are Lightweight

The last but the least feature is its lightweight character. If the packaging itself is heavy then it will not only escalate the cost of travelling but also packaging. This is a negative feature. However, this is not the case with the corrugated boxes. They are lightweight and easy to ship.

6. Environment Friendly

The pitching feature of the corrugated boxes is that it can be reused and recycled. It is made up of recycled material or from waste paper and can again be recycled. In this way, it does not interfere with environmental processes, unlike plastic. The box can also is reused more than once. The durability of the box makes the life of the box long and the customization feature makes it excellent for reuse. Both manufacturers and customers can reuse it.

7. Readily Available

The corrugated boxes are readily available. These boxes can be bought from any merchant or directly from the manufacturer. Thus easy availability makes it more preferable than other packaging materials.

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