Help Your South San Francisco Beloved Senior Delay The Onset or Risk of Dementia


Someone said “"We fear Alzheimer’s as we fear no other disease". That’s because Alzheimer’s is about us all. And it is likely to be about you or your loved ones now or in the near future.

 It’s a sad fact that the number of older Americans is growing rapidly, and so are the number of new and existing cases of Alzheimer's. By 2050, experts say the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer's dementia may exceed 12.7 million.

 If your beloved senior has Alzheimer's or dementia they are likely to live between three and 11 years after diagnosis, and may even survive 20 years or more. 

 A caregiver describes Alzheimer’s as “a funeral that never ends” and laments the fact that the patient they care for “is no longer the same person” he or she once was. So anything you can do to prevent or slow down the onset of it is essential.

  Barring the development of medical breakthroughs therefore, if you can prevent or slow down the onset of Alzheimer's and dementia you’ll be able to maximise the quality of life of your loved one as well as that of you and your family.

 That’s where Elder Manage Care in South San Francisco comes in. Elder Manage Care is an in home care and creative writing specialist. It has launched an updated “creative writing at home service” for seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s living in South San Francisco.

 Creative writing is known to provide a range of benefits for seniors, ranging from improved mental agility, preserving memory, improving comprehension to physical well-being. In addition, studies show, it may reduce the risk or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

 Another point for you to note is research indicates that creative services such as those offered by Elder Manage Care will not only help your senior with memory conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s to improve mental function and clarity but are also a proven way of helping them manage depression, reduce stress and anxiety.

 You can be involved every step of the way. The earlier you get started the better for everyone, so stop by at or in touch by phone on 630-638-1489 as soon as possible.

 Elder Manage Care provides an array of solutions designed to help your senior engage in low-impact daily activities to enhance his or her mental health and overall well-being. A key point for you to also consider is that this service is delivered in the comfort and security of your senior’s own home.

 Elder Manage Care’s service update is part of its continued commitment to providing quality, professional care that helps seniors live independently as well as enjoy more active and engaging activities for mental and physical growth.

 You’ll be interested to hear the company provides a variety of in-home support options focused on stimulating your loved one’s creative pursuits by creating new experiences. For example, a popular active mind solution – both with seniors and their families - offered by Elder Manage Care is the editor and writing package. It features various services, including writing practice, creative conversation, and author mentorship. This will allow your senior to tell the story of their lives in their own words and preserve memories for future generations of your family.

 Elder Manage Care adapts each client’s care plan to fit their unique situation. The team will work with your senior throughout the process, providing expert guidance from recollection and idea generation to writing, proofreading, and editing the finished work.

 In summary, by engaging in creative writing, your South San Francisco senior will proactively keep his or her mind sharp and enhance their mental wellbeing while minimizing the effect of various degenerative memory conditions.

 Don’t worry if your beloved senior does not live there! Elder Manage Care also provides its services in Half Moon Bay, Hillsborough, Visitacion Valley, Castro, Orinda and in many other locales around the San Francisco Bay area.

 A company spokesperson said: “Putting your life’s story into words is never easy—there are so many moments to remember. But your story and memories are worth preserving, and our team of literary authors is here to help get all of your experiences down on the page.”

 For more information, visit or call their friendly representative at +1-630-638-1489.

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