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What is naturopathy?

In simple words, naturopathy is the system of curing diseases and ailments without the help of medicines. It follows a drugless method of healing by identifying aspects unique to each patient and employing non-toxic treatments in order to cure their problems. Focusing on the minimal usage of surgery or drugs, naturopathy follows a holistic approach in order to find out the least invasive measures required to be taken for the cure of any ailment.

Naturopathy aims at expelling the unwanted and unused matters from the body and helps it heal up to its optimum level. Its goal is to treat underlying disorders so that the body’s normal functions can be restored with the help of the body’s own healing abilities.

According to the naturopathic principles, a system distinguished in nature, naturopathic treatments include an effective amalgamation of traditional, modern and empirical techniques.Various natural treatment methods like dietary therapy, homeopathic medicine, vitamin and mineral supplementation, homeopathic medicine, therapeutic massage or exercise are typically used in Naturopathy.

What is the philosophy behind naturopathy?

Naturopathy is an ancient science which has been a part of the Indian culture for a long time. References of Naturopathy could be found in Vedas and other ancient texts. Like every other science, naturopathy follows certain philosophies or ideals which forms the basis of its treatment. According to naturopathic philosophy: 

·         There is no healer greater than nature itself.

·         With the help of natural therapies, the physical, mental, social as well asthe spiritual aspects of a person are treated at the same time.

·         A person should be treated as a whole rather than being assessed for one specific area.  

What are the Benefits of Naturopathy?

·         Being proficient with the art of healing, Naturopaths are often successful in treating conditions which may not respond to conventional medicines.

·         It has a positive approach which aims in treating the root cause of an illness and not just its symptoms. 

·         It takes into account the individual needs of patients and building a treatment plan accordingly.

·         As all the treatments are fully natural, there are very less chances of side effects. 

·         Naturopathy doesn’t stop at the moment when an ailment is cured; it continues in order to help in the maintenance of good health of the person.

Naturopathy has evolved with time and now is supplemented with technological advancements in order to provide the patients with the best possible treatment. Sundardas Naturopathic clinic, which has been providing naturopathic treatment since 1989 is one of the biggest example of this phenomenon. Having the provisions for multiple treatments under one roof, this visionary clinic provides the best of natural medical treatments along with cutting-edge equipment and technology.

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