Health Benefits of Indian Groundnut

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Peanuts and groundnuts are not nuts rather they belong to the legume family (Fabaceae) having a close relation with soy, beans, and lentils. We often come across the peanut flour, butter, confectionery and desserts that use peanut as their major constituent.

Peanuts are sold by varieties of Indian peanut exporters by a variety of names such as monkey nut, pignut, earth-nut, and goober-nut.

Nutritional values of peanut:

Peanut is aided with a number of nutritional values which is similar to that of a variety of essential nuts. According to USDA database 1oz of Indian groundnuts or peanut is equipped with the following nutritional value;
  • Carbohydrate (7.2g)
  • Protein (4.9 g)
  • Fibre (2.6 g)
  • Fat (14.6 g)
  • Sugar (1.3g)
  • Calories (168)
  • Other essential elements like copper, Vitamin-B3, E, B1, biotin, phosphorus, manganese and molybdenum.

Health Benefit of Peanut and groundnut:

You may find numerous health benefits to these leguminous nuts. It is composed of various vital elements that complement the body’s machinery. These health benefits are;

  • Peanuts in India are sold under a variety of trade name is good during pregnancy as it is concentrated with folate which decreases the probability of the infant to have any neural tube related abnormalities. This reduction rate is approximately 70%. Even the chances of having asthma in the child get reduced.

  • You may have got embarrassed due to your baldness or thin hairs. Peanuts are a source of vitamin C that induces the collagen production that helps the hair tissue to stay intact. The L-arginine amino acid help in preventing male baldness while omega-3 helps to strengthen the hair follicles.

  • Peanut may help you to minimize the risk of weight gain. The compositional nutrient is highly statutory food that provides prolonged energy requirements.

  • Peanuts flush out the excess toxin that may be accumulated in the body.

Prevention of Disease:

Not only does the Indian groundnut have health benefits, but the components are supported by the strength to combat some fatal disease. These include,

  • Scientific studies have revealed that peanut equipped with manganese can reduce the risk of having diabetes by 21% as it can regulate the calcium absorption and blood sugar levels.

  • You can put your gallbladder stone at bay with regular consumption of peanut by 25%

  • Peanuts are stuffed with polyunsaturated and unsaturated fats that protect your heart.

  • Similar reports also deduct that brain can be kept healthy with flavonoid and vitamin B3.

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