Health benefits of having regular sex

by Hari om Agrawal Retired engineer & websites owner

Many people enjoy sex but they know that it is good for them and it makes them happy but they do not understand the health benefits they gain from sex. People who have sex regularly can live a better and happier life than people who do not have enough sex.

Sex is not only good but there are also many health benefits of sex. Sex has proven to be good for both mental and physical health but you have to make sure that you are engaging yourself in safe sex.

Reduce stress

Regular sex is the best way that you can reduce the stress, you can boost your self-esteem and you can foster intimacy feeling and to bond with your partner. Healthy sex can provide for you an enjoyable life with a healthier and long life.

Improve immunity

When you have sex on a regular basis, you will have improved immunity. The people who make sex at least twice per week have a high amount of immunoglobulin A. Immunoglobulin A is comes first when it comes to body defense. The job of the immunoglobulin is to fight the sickness at the entry-level and this is why many people who have sex regularly also take less sick leaves.

Good heart

People who have sex on a regular basis suffer fewer heart diseases compared to people who do not have regular sex.  Sex provides the same benefits to the heart as exercising but at the same time, it keeps in balance testosterone and estrogen.

It lowers blood pressure

Having sexual intercourse is known to relieve stress and to lower blood pressure. Having sex is known to be a form of exercising. Sex can boost the heart rate, burn calories, and strengthen the muscles.  Sex can help to burn calories and this makes it one of the best exercises that you can try out.

Pain relief

Sexual activity is known to introduce hormones known as pain-relieving hormones. They help to reduce leg pain and block back pain. It reduces also headaches, arthritis, and menstrual cramps.  In some migraine patients, sex can relieve the pain completely.

Among the health benefits of sex, there is also the ability to reduce prostate cancer in men. The research had shown that men who are able to ejaculate 21 times every month, they suffer a low level of prostate cancer. Improved sleep, after sex, there is a relaxation induced hormone prolactin that has to be released and this is meant to turn off the oxytocin which is a love hormone. This is released in orgasm and it improves sleep. Sex is also known to boost the libido, to improve women's bladder control, and improve relationships while enhancing intimacy.

There are things such as failure of communication, fear, defensiveness, and anxiety that can prevent someone to have sex. To be able to enjoy sex, you have to be in control of your emotions and this will improve with your sex life. If you are a man, you may suffer varying erectile dysfunctions and this may interfere with your sex life.  The problem can be a result of the stress or it can have a more serious problem.  If you want to fix the problem by using the Viagra, you have also to learn about some of the side effects of the Viagra. To enjoy better sex, you should start to take a healthy diet, exercise on a regular basis, do not take too much alcohol, and get enough sleep.


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