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If you are a fan of social networks, you must have already heard about hashtags on Twitter or Instagram. These words or short sentences preceded by the pound symbol "#" found on the publications of certain networks.
For the theoretical side, a hashtag is a marker used to mark a content with one or more keywords.
In this article, we will discuss their use of Twitter.
What is the interest of

 hashtags on Twitter?

On Twitter , one of the networks where Internet users most often use Hashtags, their use has several interests:

A word to contextualize and sort information

On Twitter, more than 5,500 tweets are exchanged every second in the world. So there is a lot of information exchanged every day. Some are relevant, others a little less.
A hashtag gives context to a tweet. Indeed, on Twitter, a publication is linked to all others containing the same hashtag. This is a way to group all the tweets dealing with the same theme.
So, if you want to get tweets about social media, you'll just have to search on the hashtag "#SocialMedia" to access all the tweets containing this keyword.
Clearly, these keywords have the function of referencing and connecting the tweets between them.

Words to increase the longevity of publications

The life of a post on Twitter is relatively low, it is usually about twenty minutes on average. However, to lengthen their lifespan and prevent your tweet from getting lost in the depths of Twitter too quickly, you can add hashtags. By choosing the right hashtag, your tweet will be more easily found by users. A hashtag can also increase the visibility of your tweets over time!

How to choose the right hashtag?

On Twitter the most popular hashtags are mostly those related to news. You can also in real time identify the most used hashtags of the moment thanks to the trend block.

Trend Block on twitter

When you tweet, you have the choice between using an existing hashtag or launching your own keyword! This may be relevant if you want to create an event or contest for example.

To create a hashtag that works, several points to respect:

·         A good hashtag is a short hashtag. It must be easy to memorize and spell. Do not hesitate to use acronyms!

·         It must be as clear as possible. A hashtag can also be a short sentence. You will not be able to use a space, but feel free to use capital letters, it will not impact the hashtag and it will be easier to read. Note for example: #SocialMedia instead of #socialmedia

·         Remember to check if customers have not already created a hashtag to talk about you. They might already have found the right hashtag!

·         Once you have found your keyword, do not forget to check its history. Remember to check if the hashtag has already been used, in what context and how long ago. This could save you some odd numbers.

To encourage users to use your keywords, you can register them directly on your products and goodies. Finally, remember that hashtags is good, but we must avoid over-abuse! The ideal on Twitter is to use 1 or 2 per publication. Unlike Instagram where you can easily multiply hashtags without problems, they could affect the readability of your tweets!

As a reminder, hashtags are short words that can help you gain visibility, help you track your e-reputation and also help you in your waking work ! If you use Twitter in your social media strategy, do not forget to follow the KPIs to make sure you use this social network effectively.


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