Handy Tips for Netgear Extender Setup You Should Not Miss

by kapil Mehta # Guest Blogger

Let’s talk about a scenario which you may have experienced: you are live streaming your favorite movie on smartphone and all of sudden, it stops and a loading circle continues to revolve. It is truly frustrating when your Internet slows down even after extender setup. The only solution to this issue is to opt for Netgear extender setup. Here are some handy tips to make your setup easy and successful. Let’s take a quick glance.

1.      Select the right location for your extender

The primary element of new extender setup is the location of your device and wireless router. Most of the routers transmit WiFi signals omnidirectionally, i.e. in all directions. However, there are also some access points that transmit signals in 45 degrees or 90 degrees.

When you install new extender setup, it’s suggested you to place your device in the exact center of your house or workplace. This is due to the fact that a centralized location lets WiFi signals to extend and fill every inch of your home or office.

2.      Keep your device away from obstructions

If you want to increase Internet coverage and range to an outdoor location like backyard or garage, your device demands a simple repositioning. Keep in mind large structures such as concrete walls, microwave ovens, and other electrical equipments will weaken wireless signals. Apart from this, keep your device during wireless extender setup away from solid materials like stone, glass and metal. They actually become a barrier in the path of wireless signals, slowing down the speed of Internet.

3.      Don’t hide your router

Placing your wireless router in a central position may conflict with your home’s aesthetic. In general, people put their routers at desired place because they are ugly. There’s no doubt to the fact that routers seem like a gadget which comes out of a science fiction movie with large antennas as well as blinking lights.

Though these devices are wireless, they typically require for at least one cable to provide Internet connectivity and power. In case your house is in a construction phase and you can’t hide cables in walls, there should be some amount of visible wires.

In short, you have to compromise with the appealing look of your home while WiFi extender setup

4.      Stay away from range expanders

There are a number of users who resolve issues with their range expander on their own. However, we commended you not to do this. Just stay away from these and take professional help during WiFi range extender setup.

Imagine a situation: you own a 2-story home having regular router in one room on the first floor. Your children are playing web games on the second floor. They are the biggest Internet users in your home and continue to complain about poor connectivity. So, you opt for Netgear extender setup closer to your kids’ room. But the problem arises here when your children come out of their room and take their devices downstairs. In this case, they can touch the device which can change its settings. Better, stay away from these devices.

5.      Adjust your router’s antennas

Mywifiexte helps users set up and install a brand new extender or the already installed one. During the setup process, you need to adjust the antennas of router. Most of the wireless routers contain two antennas on top that can easily be adjustable. In case the antennas of your device are parallel, then opt for perpendicular. You will get the fast Internet speed when signals are parallel to the internal antenna of your device. On the other hand, if you keep the antennas perpendicular to each other, it will make sure a solid connection between your devices and home or office network.

So, these were our tips to make your extender setup easy and successful. If you have your own tips for the same, do not forget to share with us them in the comments section below. 

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