Haircuts that You Should Avoid!

by Christine Scott Hair Artist

Hair cuts that you should stay away from

No other thing can make your day a joyful one the way a haircut you just got does. Regardless of how less often you maintain it, getting a good hair cut transforms your physical appearance. Simultaneously, a haircut that is bad can all of a sudden make you doubt yourself. But, there isn’t a particular haircut style that looks good on everybody. If a stylist is good at what he or she does, he considers the type of hair you have, the shape of your face, and your lifestyle when changing your looks.

If you want to get haircuts that are the best, you must always get the service as well as consultation from a hair designer who is a professional. Always let your stylist know what you like, your desires as well as your lifestyle needs so as to get you a specific haircut design.

But then again, there are some general haircuts that look good on lots of people as well as those that are never considered good. I once interviewed a bunch of renowned stylists about the best and the worst type of haircuts available. So these are the Styles you should opt for and the Styles you should not choose.

Good: Soft Layers

Simple, layers that are soft will fit just about anyone. The numbers of layers is directly dependent on your hair thickness or the amount of curls you have, however, it can  flattering, if your face is framed gently.

Haircuts that are the best have soft layers, have low maintenance, they are compatible with the natural texture, and will retain their good appearance for as long as three months. The layers get adapted to your hair density, but they have lines that separate them. The hair looks effortless and natural. That is the objective in terms of meeting satisfaction.

The most important aspect of layers that looks natural?

You don’t need to go to your stylist every often for maintenance.


Good: Asymmetrical Bob

No one does this hairstyle better than Victoria Beckham. The style is easy to do and it looks chic most of the time. And oh, she was named Posh Spice for a good reason

Tell your stylist to give you a slightly pricey Bob that is classic A-line. The richly detailed is simple to achieve. Just put them together and go. This type of looks is suitable for people like us who just wake up and get down to business without making any fuss.

Good: if you have curly hair, try getting long layers

As a girl with curly hair, I have an off and on thing about summer. Of course, I do like the vacations as well as days you lounge in the pool, however this humidity gets to me. The curls on my hair become loose as well as wavy and then they become big as well as frizzy. Luckily, I now use long layers. The frizzgets weighed down if my hair is kept long, however, the layers make the curls of my hair light as well as bouncy.

And because, I have long layers in front, there will not be any difficulty because your curls bounce up and about your face without staying together. This summer, if you have curls that are not controllable, speak with your designer about adding some layers that are easy.


Good: If your face is round, get a Bob

When looking for a new design of haircut, a good number of us, let celebrity pictures inspire us, but, the mirror is the place we should be looking at for inspiration. The shape of our face can be changed with a proper haircut. If you think you have a round face, you should consider getting a Bob that is fresh and new.

Basically, I think, possibly the best haircut to get is the type that fits the shape of your face, your style, and the structure of your hair. For girls who have big eyes as well as a face that is round, it is best to opt for short. Speak to your designer for the best style that suits your face.


Good: If your face is square, go long

Don’t know the shape of your face? Get a fresh lipstick and stand facing a mirror. Try tracing the shape of your face projected to the mirror, then check to see what appears. If your face makes the shape of a square then you might want to consider getting a long hair that softens the edges.

If your face is square-shaped and-you have curly hair, a short haircut will look bad on you. Rather choose a hairstyle that is long so as to make it feel as though your face has a smooth shape. 

Good: If you are short, get a pixie

Sometimes it is difficult if you are short. The maxi dress style won’t look good on you, it is difficult reaching the top shelves of the grocery in the store, and lastly you are told to stay away from having long hairs. Sure, you could go for any type of hair, however you might get overwhelmed by long hairs. If you are short, don’t let your hairs go lower than your shoulders as you will appear shorter, and also it will look as though you have no neck. So brace yourself and go get that Pixie.


Good: To reduce the effects of a face that is round, try getting a cut that is blunt

A different good style for ladies with round face is choosing sharp lines. It is a great idea to get a style which makes the shape of your face soft. If your face is full, going for sharp lines will reduce the round effect.

Getting a haircut that is more of a square shape reduces the effect of full roundness of the face. Don’t add any more effect of roundness.


Bad: A Long “wannabe” lob

As we are done with the good hair Styles, this are the ones to stay away from. Then, importantly, it is good to consider the shape of your face and the type of hair you have. But then again, there are certain cuts that are always bad to have. The first being the in-between haircut. It is not a Bob neither is it a long hair. It is just a style-less design.

Also, the other type of pretty bad style is the wannabe-lobs that is shoulder long or a hair that is super long. The thing is, the shoulder long hair becomes boring to girls and they then go for layers that frame the face or having angles across the front.

Shorter hairs are bad when it comes to density. If your hair is not thick from behind the ears to your hairline, then what you have will not be flattering. It may appear old or appear over layered. Rather, understand why you need that style and what the accomplishment is and the hairstylist will do it.

Essentially, stick with what works for you. Having length hair means you can’t have fun with short layers at the back of your hair. Speak to the stylist about your favourite hairstyle and how the hairstyles can be fitted to your personal style.


Bad: “V” shape which makes a tail

If you are thinking of keeping a long hair, take caution with layers that are many. When the layers present in the front part of the hair are short and much, you create a “V” effect is often looks bad.

The “V” effect is my least chosen request,” admittedly said by Mast. You get a tail that limits your style options, which is flattering or add any length. Cut it off! If you feel that you have something like a tail behind your hair, then cut it off.


Bad: Super Long

For a long hair to continue looking fresh, it needs getting some layers that are long. When you have your hair in very long lengths and packed in one length, it makes you look old. This holds true, if your face is long.

Hair that is long and straight with bangs that are straight-across is a bad option for a face that is long. Why is this so? Because it makes the face longer. There isn’t any movement to hide the length of the face. Opt for the cut that is soft and short to hide the effects of the long face.


Bad: Stay away from bangs, if your face is wide.

I like the way bangs look. Regardless, if it is full as well as thick or if they are soft and packed to one side of the face. They always appear fresh as well as chic. But, if your face is wider, they won’t suit you. If your face is wide, don’t have bangs. Having bangs will increase the wide effect that your face has. Rather, choose layers that are soft and  don’t make you look wide.


Bad: Trying to cut the hair yourself.

It is never a good idea. Even if you have a straight hair that requires low maintenance. Getting a good cut all by yourself is not possible. If you don’t have a good stylist keeps looking for one. It is worth the effort.

In order to get a good stylist, flatter and enquire from other women that have great haircuts about the salon and the stylist. If you want the worst hairstyles, try cutting the hair yourself.



Bad: A perm that is too light

You would think that perms died along with shoulder type pads as well as leg warmers, but perms are very much in Vogue. Through the years, perms have gone through some improvements, however, if you want get one, ensure that the waves gets softened up and modernized. The 1980-inspired perms will not be a good look on anyone.

Also, it is important to ensure that you are maintaining your hair. Choose a quality perm that does not damage your locks. Applying colour, getting perms, or straightening of the hair, as long as they are not painful are fine. If it is painful, there is damage of follicles. A stylist that is experienced will help in getting the proper perm your hair deserves.


Bad: The reverse mullet

Unlucky, Kate Gosselin. Her infamous hair style continues to be remembered for its very bad looks. Having full hair at the front as well as a short hair at the back may be low in maintenance, but it is never a good look.

Haircuts that are short are simple to maintain if they suit the shape of your face. And that involves loads of back and forth movement. The issue with the style that is reverse mullet is the fact that it is unbalanced. “The length of the bangs are way too much, and the top which is spiky will take a lot of hairspray to hold.


Speak to your hair designer

The best hair Style is the one that is done just accord to the shape of your face. Haircuts are unique to each person and not really something generic. There is a lot of factors to consider and it is not the same thing as recreating An image. As a hair designer, we need to consider the natural texture of our clients' hair, their hairlines, their hair density, their cowlicks, their routine as well as their maintenance. We will say that the worst type of haircut is one that do not consider the needs of the client.

When changing your hair, choose a simple style that allows you to adjust the style in the future. The greatest type of haircuts will definitely allow you to adjust your style with many options by sometimes sweeping the hair to any side, pulling the hair back, or rather pulling it up in an elegant way. You should always tell your stylist to add little style changes each time you visit the salon, while planning about the options for your future short term and long term hair styles. If you crave an entire new look, ensure you take a long a picture as a source of inspiration for your stylist.

You and the stylist are like a team, so you should try working together to get that perfect look in what we are fostering in Hera Hair Beauty!

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