Hair Transplant – Is It The Permanent Solution For Pattern Baldness?

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant

Hair transplantation has been a widely used hair loss treatment all over the world. The procedure's popularity stems from its multiple advantages. When it comes to hair transplant in Pune, there are a plethora of clinics that offer the procedure. In the city, there are a few reputable facilities that provide excellent hair transplant services.

Even so, when it comes to hair transplantation, there is no better venue than Delhi and Jaipur. Advanced hair transplant services with worldwide standards of facilities are well known in Delhi and Jaipur. These cities are well-known due to the presence of a few internationally famous hair transplant surgeons.

The hair transplant cost in Pune is equivalent to that of major cities. However, you can have a high-quality and cheap hair transplant in Delhi or Jaipur.

Are you looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Pune?

Consider your options and select the best hair transplant clinic in the country. It is none other than the internationally renowned medispa hair transplant clinic, which has branches in Delhi and Jaipur.

Throughout the country, we are regarded as pioneers in the field of hair transplantation. Dr. Suneet Soni, a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon, is the founder. Our ability to establish a brand is solely based on our performance. Dr. Suneet Soni is known throughout the world for his creative excellence and exceptionally precise surgical talents. He did the surgical and technical parts of every hair transplant on his own and under his supervision. At Medispa Clinic, you may expect a safe and complication-free hair transplant.

How hair transplant delivers permanent results?

Males and females have varied hair loss patterns, but they both comprise the frontal or vertex region of the head. The presence of androgen sensitive hair follicles in these places is the cause of the consistent pattern of hair loss. These DHT or androgen sensitive hair follicles have receptors on their surface that become oversensitive to the androgen hormone. Hormone sensitivity causes progressive shrinking of hair follicles, also known as miniaturisation, which eventually sheds off, resulting in hair loss. Unlike hair follicles on the back and sides of the head, which are androgen resistant due to the lack of receptors on the surface, hair follicles on the back and sides of the head are not affected by androgen hormone, confirming their permanency.

The genetic makeup of hairs is found in the follicles, not the scalp. As a result, regardless of where these androgen insensitive hair follicles are relocated, they retain the same attribute and last a lifetime. The permanent effects of hair transplant are based on this core premise. Hair follicles are removed from the back and sides of the head, where they are androgen insensitive and provide long-term benefits.

How one can be assured of permanent results?

Here is a summary of a few elements that may help you get closer to your goal of permanent hair transplant results with a natural appearance:

1.      Choosing the best surgeon: It is imperative to investigate the surgeon's credentials, as certification and experience are two critical factors in achieving positive outcomes. Always choose a hair transplant surgeon who is licenced and board certified. You may quickly view prior patient testimonials and a photo gallery to get a better understanding of the surgeon's expertise. Furthermore, because the success of hair transplantation is dependent on teamwork, you can examine the experience of the supporting staff.

2.      Approach used: Appropriately deciding the technique to utilize based on the patients' needs necessitates sound decision-making and practical application of information. The procedure chosen is determined by the patient's age and gender, the level of baldness, the number of grafts needed to cover the baldness, and the quality and quantity of hairs in the donor location.

3.      Correct method: Each method necessitates extreme precision and should only be carried out by a skilled surgeon. FUT requires more experience because it is a more involved surgery, but it has various advantages over FUE. Although FUE hair transplantation is easy, it needs precision and is technique sensitive, as mistakes might result in overharvesting of follicular grafts or higher hair follicle damage.

4.      Post-transplant care: In addition to the efforts of a skilled surgeon, the patient must also put out a dedicated effort. To ensure that the results are permanent, follow the post-transplant instructions to the letter. Because this is a minimally invasive process, post-transplant care is limited to a maximum of 10 days.

Hair transplantation equipment: Innovation and technology are employed in every industry to improve outcomes, including hair transplantation. It is critical to choose a clinic that is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and performs each process under extreme magnification.

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