Hacks That Will Keep Your Car Cool For the Summer

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India is known for its harsh summers and most parts of the country experience the wrath of sweltering heat in the season. Days feel tiring, every work is a trouble and driving… it is an unforgettable activity in summers. The intense heat causes great trouble for you and your car and when driving along in bright summer daylight, you will experience the other side of summer. A feeling of being in an oven. Well, kind of!!!

Just imagine getting in a car that was parked for only an hour in sunlight. You open the door and the wrath from the horrendous heat strikes you with a blow. These are regular experiences in summers and make driving a challenge during the hot months.

Like all other things, we are not deprived of tips, tricks, and hacks that relieve the intensity of heat during summer driving and serve the luxuries of best comfort. We have created a list of tricks that will let your car interiors be cool for the summer and relieve the haunting experience from ultimate heat. They follow:

       Service your AC for optimum operation

As vehicle air conditioners are left unused during the major part of winter and the sudden surge in mercury demands their immediate operation, being out of service for some period compromises their function. Thus it is advised to get your AC systems serviced regularly to ensure they function as per their peak capability.

self-drive car service is an alternate option that serves the luxuries of the fully loaded car which is laden with comfortable offerings and with high-performance AC’s is a blessing for the summer.

      Roll down vehicle windows slightly when parked

A fully blocked car with closed windows intensifies the interior temperatures and makes it unbearable to enter when parked in direct sunlight. Having your car’s windows slightly open when in parking facilitates cross-ventilation and helps lower the temperatures for a comparatively favorable interior atmosphere. Don’t be too passionate, as a large opening could pose security threats.

      Keep a wet towel on the steering wheel

Touching a steering wheel that is heated by sunlight exposure can literally burn your hands. If exposed for a couple of hours, the temperature can reach to unbearable levels and pose serious risks. Thus a clever hack of putting a wet towel on the steering wheel significantly eases the trouble if parked for a couple of hours. As evaporation causes cooling, the water soaked cloth will help reduce the heat inside the car and keep the steering wheel cool.

       Keep valuables in glove compartments and seat cover carriages

It is advised not to keep your belongings on the seats or dash for long periods as direct sunlight can increase their temperature and harm them. Thus it is clever to utilize your vehicle’s storage spaces completely and preserve your valuables inside them. 

Myles is a premium self-driving car company with a luxurious fleet of vehicles that are fitted with best cooling systems and make every drive, a memorable experience. Pick a car and drive to any location to cherish the delights from an unhindered joyful experience. Happy journeys with Myles!

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