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software testing is a process use to identify the correctness, completeness quality of developed computer software.

It is the process of execution a program/ full stack dot net developer application under positive and negative conditions by manual or automated means. It checks for the: -

1-    Specification

2-    Functionality

3-    performance

performed by specialized testing teams.

performed by approved test procedures.

finding errors.


Levels of Testing


there are four types of level of testing.

1-    Unit testing                          : Test individual components By developer

2-    Integration testing              : Test integrated components By developer and tester

3-    System testing                     : Test the entire test By tester

4-    Acceptance testing             : Test the final test By end user/customers


Steps to Test a Software


Before showing their work to someone else, software specialists should follow these basic software testing procedures.


o   Testing the functionality: The first thing to check is that each screen's buttons function. Additionally, make sure that you can enter simple data into each field without the app crashing. Evidently, you must perform tests to make sure that the basic API capability functions before submitting the element for additional testing if it is intended to be accessed through an API.

o   Review the code: The written code serves as the framework for the complete piece of software. Therefore, if your coding method necessitates peer audit, practice this step before submitting the code for testing.

o   Unit Testing: Each time you upload a modification to the source code repository, unit tests should be executed. Additionally, we advise executing them on your development computer. Some groups have coverage goals for their unit tests, and if the unit tests aren't sufficiently thorough, they will fail the form.


Crowd testing and Group testing


Crowd testing is a practice that harnesses crowdsourcing’s efficiency and diversity for software testing.

Managed crowd testing: dedicated lab with diverse devices, platforms and crowd testers. Function, usability, php web development company compatibility, ad-hoc testing. highly confidential and secure test process. And performance testing- manually or tool based.


How it is works


1-    Preparation phase – access client’s business needs and goals

, design, required skill and deliver.

2-    Initiation phase -  define test cases and configurations.

3-    Execution phase-  it is supervising test team and ensure performance.

4-    Evaluation phase- prepare client deliverables and process tester’s compensation.

5-    Completion phase- present in depth results to client.


Group testing:

Countries can save time and money by testing many peoples at once. Group testing has many applications including engineering, cyber security and computer science.

How it is work:

1-    Preparation-  after the request approved, the preparation phase starts.

2-    The process – participants can use different testing types and style during the session.

3-    Wrap up- we pass all the information to the GTS facilitators according to the format.

4-    Post – testing activities- after the final repot generated with all issues and improvements.


Group testing in your house:

1-    Group testing saves you time

2-    Group testing improves quality

3-    Group testing deliver fast result


What is Test Case?

A test case is a predetermined format for software testing needed to determine whether or not a specific application or piece of software is functional. A test case consists of a specific collection of criteria that must be checked in order to test a piece of software or an application; to put it another way, when conditions are checked, it determines whether the output produced matches the expected output or not. Various parameters, including Id, condition, steps, input, intended result, result, status, and remarks, are included in a test case.


Testing Guidelines

While testing the software, some testing guidelines should be followed:

o   The development team should avoid testing the software: The testing team should always conduct testing. Never let the software development team test it on their own. This is because, cms development services after investing many hours in creating the software, it could unintentionally get too proprietarily, which might make it difficult to detect any defects in the design. The testers ought to approach the product with a destructive mindset. Unit testing and integration testing can be done by developers, but software testing should be handled by the testing team.

o   Software can never be 100% bug-free: Testing can never completely guarantee that the software is bug-free. In other words, even after creating several test cases, it is impossible to demonstrate that the software is error-free.

o   Start as early as possible: Always begin the testing process concurrently with the requirement analysis procedure. In order to prevent the issue of defect migration, this is essential. The scope and test objects should be decided as soon as possible.

o   Prioritize sections: If there are any particularly important areas, it should be made sure that they are tested as soon as possible and with the utmost urgency.

o   The time available is limited: Software testing time is constrained. It must be remembered that testing time is limited and that developing a strong test plan is essential before beginning the testing process. To decide when to stop the testing procedure, there should be some criteria. It is necessary to choose this criterion in advance. For instance, in accordance with deadlines or financial restrictions, or when the system is left with an acceptable degree of risk.

o   Testing must be done with unexpected and negative inputs: To ensure that the system is leak-proof, testing should be conducted using both correct data and test cases as well as defective test cases. To guarantee future reuse for testing at later stages, test cases must be thoroughly documented. This requires that test cases be included with accurate definitions and descriptions of passed inputs and the corresponding expected results. Both the functional and non-functional requirements of the software product should be tested.

o   Inspecting test results properly: There must be a quantitative evaluation of the tests and their findings. To ensure thorough testing, the documentation should be correctly cited while validating the test case findings. As far as possible, testing must be assisted by automated tools and methods. In addition to making sure the system performs all it is expected to, testers must make sure it doesn't carry out any actions that it isn't supposed to.

o   Validating assumptions: Never should the test cases be created based on presumptions or theories. They must always be appropriately validated. For instance, designing test cases under the assumption that the software product is bug-free may provide test cases that are incredibly inadequate.



Software testing is characterized as a process to determine whether the obtained results correspond to those hire codeigniter developer anticipated and to guarantee that the software system is error-free.

software testing is a process use to identify the correctness, completeness quality of developed computer software. It is the process of execution a program/ application. Testing is focused on finding faults.


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