Gold has always been loved by mankind and has been an object of desire

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Gold has always been a favorite metal to mankind, though not the rarest metal, but is liked to be adorned by or. The color and sheen of this metal have always enhanced the complexion of the wearer, no matter what is the skin color or tone or whether the wearer is old or young. Apart from this gold is also known to maintain hydration of our body if kept close to the skin.

Why gold is favored metal for jewelry making

Gold is the preferred metal to be worked upon owing to its four virtues

·         It is virtually indestructible

·         Ease of working with it

·         Malleable nature

·         The shiny and lustrous look

The uniqueness of gold lies in that an ounce of this metal can be beaten into a sheet of 5micrometres thickness. Pure gold can never rust, tarnish, corrode, or be destroyed by fire. Another interesting fact is that gold is recyclable and is known to mankind for over 6000 years, yet it never stops to evoke a feeling of desire. The gold we own or wear could have been a part of Cleopatra’s jewelry or could have decorated King Solomon’s Temple.

 Types of gold

Gold comes in four distinct  colors

·         Yellow Gold

·         White Gold

·         Rose Gold

·         Green Gold

To make jewelry out of gold some alloys need to be combined, and the weight of gold which is measured in karat, and the most popular measures are 18K, 14K, 10K, 9K.

Gold chain

One invests in gold chains as a store of value, thus it is important to identify a real gold chain from the fake ones. The real gold chains are hallmarked or are marked somehow to indicate its purity. One can find the chains being marked with K, KT, or KP to indicate the percentage of gold in it.

History has stood to be proof of men wearing gold and other precious metals, nowadays men are experimenting more with their looks where men's pendants and chains are finding a prominent place. Men are spending g n decorating themselves with gold pieces more than just a watch, they are investing in precious stones and metals.

The pendants which are specifically designed for men are a bit on the macho side sometimes they are made in combination of more than one metal, they can be charms, or other masculine patterns.

The golden adornments that people purchase should with the money, to find the best price gold chain necklaces one should compare it amongst different brands and then only purchase one. Many jewelry outlets collaborate with their clients to make a piece of the gold art masterpiece.

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