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Dental implant


Dental implants are an excellent tooth replacement option for missing or broken teeth. It is a fixture that is embedded within the jawbone and is used to replace natural tooth by supporting prosthesis, known as crown. Dental implant resembles and feels completely like a natural tooth.  


What happens during a dental implant procedure?


A dental implant process generally takes several months to complete and is divided into a three-step process. The treatment can be provided by your dentist or he may refer you to a specialist such as a periodontist or a prosthodontist. These oral and maxillofacial surgeons are qualified and trained to effectively perform the dental implant procedure.    


In the first step, an implant is surgically placed in the jawline by the dentist. The top of the implant is left slightly above the top of the bone. A screw is inserted into the implant to prevent the gum tissue or other debris from entering. Then, the gum is secured over the implant, where it will remain covered for the period of approximately three to six months. This process is termed as Osseo integration where enough time is provided for the implant to fuse with the bone. After the surgery, there may be little discomfort for a few days such as swelling or tenderness in the area where the implant has been done. The surgeon may prescribe the medication to alleviate the pain. Also, during the healing process, a diet of soft and cold food is always recommended so that the patient doesn’t feel pain while chewing the food.   


In the second step, the implant is uncovered and an extension or post is attached to the implant. It is known as the abutment and is usually made up of titanium, gold or porcelain and is the part that connects the implant to the crown. Then, the gum tissue is allowed to heal around the post. And the implant and the abutment will act as a foundation for the new artificial tooth once the healing process is complete.


In the last step, an artificial tooth is customized for the patient in order to match the fit, shape, and color according to the patient’s other teeth. This is known as the dental crown and is that part of the dental implant that looks like the tooth and is attached on top of the abutment. 


Tips to take care of dental implants:


·         Clean your implants at least two times a day and especially after the meals. Brush and floss your teeth while paying special attention to all sides of the implant.

·         Use a tooth paste that has a low abrasive property but keeps the tartar away. This way you can extend the lifespan of your dental implants.

·         Use a manual or electric tooth brush with soft bristles that can easily get to those hard to reach areas with precision.

·         Make use of the dental floss to clean around the abutments.

·         Use an anti-bacterial mouth rinse that will help in keeping your mouth fresh.

·         Schedule a dental visit regularly.

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