Get the finest and extended filtered Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil for hair and skin care

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Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil is obtained via steam distillation for extended periods in small volumes in their highest purity. It is extracted from the top Bulgarian "Hemus" Lavender plant/"Papadopolys" Bulgarian Lavender blooms. It possesses linalyl acetate as well as linalool content in its natural form and has an ideal balance of the two within itself.

It offers the following medical benefits:
• Minimizes stress

• Alleviates depression

• Combats inflammation

• Strengthens immunity

• Acts as a sedative

• Gives a calming effect

• Cognitive support

• Brain health

This essential oil is used in hair care, soothing blends, skin care, aromatherapy, massages, meditation diffusion oil, etc.

Benefits of Bulgarian Lavender Oil when compared to other lavender oils:

• Its aroma is assertive and stronger and hence preferred for perfumery.

• Known to be the finest lavender and ideally suited for making essential oils.

• High and balanced content of linalool and linalyl acetate.

• Medical grade and therapeutic for its scent.

• Calming and soothing properties are more pronounced and hence used for diffusion and massages.

• Treats insomnia with its pronounced aroma.

• It is ideal for emotional well being, medical uses, therapeutic advantages as well as perfumes.

Lavender Essential Oil for Skincare

The lavender essential oil has many benefits for the skin. Some of them are:

• Itchiness of the skin is relieved

• Soothing of painful inflammation

• Moderate blemishes

• Cleanses the skin

• Moisturizes the skin
• Hydrates the skin

• Treats wounds

• Treats minor burns

• Treats eczema due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties naturally.

• Repels bugs

• Treats acne and allergies

• Dermatitis is relieved

• Bruises, cuts and burns are healed

Lavender Essential Oil for Haircare

This essential oil is right for all types of hair; from curly to straight, dry to oily. It replenishes the hair growth, nourishes and does damage reversal and results in thick hair growth.

Lavender essential oil can sometimes help to avoid and cure hair issues like:
• Bad hair growth

• Falling hair

• Hair breakage

• Hair thinning

• Dry hair

• Itchy scalp

• Dandruff

• Damaged hair

It has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which result in a healthy scalp and boost development of hair. One can add around 5-10 drops to their shampoo and massage on the scalp while hair wash. It is used in lice prevention as well. It stimulates circulation of blood thereby curbing hair split and breakage. It treats hair fall and dandruff. It moisturizes and nourishes hair.

How is lavender essential oil so special?

It has a versatile aroma. It is floral. It is safest when suitably diluted. Its buds or flowers are used to obtain the essential oil. The aroma is fresh and sweet. It can be at times fruity somewhat and camphorous slightly.

The leading suppliers and producers offer steam distil lavender essential oil that is 100 per cent pure. It is employed in beauty and treatment. The oil is extra clean as it is obtained with extra filtration process. The lavenders are obtained from organic farming. They have been grown in clean soil and unique weather which is due to low industrialization in Bulgaria. These essential oils are budget-friendly and can be obtained with simple payment modes.

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