Get rid of Frizzy hair with professional treatment

by Shweta Sharma Meegash

There was a time when frizzy and curls were in fashion. My sister had these amazing looking curls but she wanted to get a new hairstyle and so insisted on getting them straightened. I blame her tender age failing to understand the grace of curls but nonetheless, she wanted to get her hair straightened and so I had no choice but to agree to her. Also, I thought it would be good for a change. I am a big old school Bollywood fan and I used to watch these actresses slaying those curls and buns in the movies and thought if only these millennials could also see the grace in them. Anyways, so, my sister and I searched for a salon nearby that would give us the best results and since it was her first time, I wanted a professional for this job. So I searched for a salon in Lucknow that offered amazing results. I took my sister there and they claimed they did a fine job and were renowned for hair straightening in Lucknow. I was completely new to this concept of hair straightening and therefore was a bit skeptical but I was amazed throughout the process and when the person was done, I was more than happy to see her feel awestruck by the new look. She had a nice experience which led to her friends reintroduce her to the entire class.

It is not just about a teenage girl, we all seek for a change and as soon as we embrace it, it automatically inspires others. My sister loves her curls but it was a change that she was seeking and I am happy to say that she embraced it. The endless compliments like, “Wow, you look so different,” or, “Straight hair really suits you,” or sometimes, “I didn’t even recognize you” come rushing in when you get the perfect hair-straightening results. Apart from straightening, women are opting for the new advanced keratin treatment which is a chemical process that smoothes and shines frizzy hair and the results can last up to six months. There are many different versions of the treatment for your unique hairstylist but the process remains the same which lets keratin; an essential hair protein to dive into your hair follicle and inject porous areas with keratin. This will make your hair appear healthier and smoother. You can search for various Keratin treatment in Lucknow if you’re in the city and willing to get professional results. 

Unlike straightening your hair with a straightener or getting Keratin treatment done, rebonding chemically breaks down natural bonds in the hair and re-arranges them to form new bonds for straight hair. To be brief, it is a permanent procedure that breaks down the natural cell structure of your hair and re-structures it to look smoother and more presentable. This process involves a neutralizer done by the professionals which will you can find at a professional salon that you can search for. The results for professional rebonding in Lucknow can show you the best salons near that locality to re-bond the structure of the hair, giving you the desired texture and shape.

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