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Entrepreneurship has always played an influential role in the in the economic growth and standard of living of any country. It is because as a startup founder or small business owner, one is not only working hard for himself or herself but together for the entire country.

By establishing the business entity, an entrepreneur not only invests, his/her own resources to attract capital but also in this process mobilizes public wealth. Entrepreneurship allows people to benefit from the success of entrepreneurs and growing businesses. This kind of pooled capital results in wealth creation and distribution which is one of the basic imperatives and goals of a growing economy.

Today being an entrepreneur is not a very easy job. While the key pillars of entrepreneurship lie in “being smart” and “keeping lean”, other factors also act as a driving force for the business. Entrepreneurs like 
Mr. A.G Ganguly has changed the way business and startups had been functioning through his assertive approach and keen mindset. Consultants today play an influential factor in the current economy and help business float well in time of distress.

1. Entrepreneurs help in Creating Jobs

Entrepreneurs are by nature and definitions are known as job creators, as opposed to job seekers. This simple translation what sets them apart from others. This kind of job creation by new and existing businesses is one of the basic goals of economic development. All this in return creates a lot of job opportunities and helps in augmenting normal standards to a global level.

2. Overall Development becomes More Familiar

Business Developers like Mr A.G Ganguly help new businesses and industrial units with regional development. They locate the faulty areas in which the business is facing loss and rectify those with more resourceful ideas. These business developers help in the growth of industries and business that simultaneously leads to infrastructure improvements.

Every growing business eventually wants to get started and then aims to expand their business to foreign markets. This forms an important ingredient of economic development since it provides access to bigger markets, and leads to currency inflows for the country. With the latest cutting-edge technologies and processes more developed foreign markets are now the booming hub for trade and commerce. An Entrepreneur implements and strategizes an effective strategy as it forms the crux of each and every activity. They also help in developing a company’s culture and focus, entirely on growth and profit.


As for every business formulating each and every step in the right way is very important, entrepreneurs also carefully test and implement the strategies from time to time making business fully functional and operational. Entrepreneurship is a very important role. It is the key to spark an economic development as it helps in starting new businesses, creating jobs, and contributing to improvement in various key goals. The role of an entrepreneur is very paramount to our society as with the education becoming common for the masses, it has become really difficult for everyone to get jobs. The role of an entrepreneur is, therefore, the best and one of the most sought-after ones.



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