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There are not many people that are alive and of sound mental health that can say that they do not enjoy the act of having sex with or making love to others. Sex is a huge part of what it means to be human and we now have created a society in which things have become increasingly sexual and so, as it goes, it can be very hard for anyone to feel as if they have been left out from the world of magic that we call sex.

That being said, it is the hard but unfortunate truth for anyone to swallow but the facts are the facts and it is now true that the number of people dealing with conditions that affect their ability to have a sex life that is healthy are now reaching higher percentiles than ever before. Harsher forms of sexual kinds of conditions are also becoming prevalent which is why many men turn to Super Kamagra in times of need.

Since the very earliest medical recordings, disorders that hinder humans sexually have been recorded in medical manuscripts dating back to almost 2000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians and the Chinese were the first nations to pick up on the sexual disorder that is known as erectile dysfunction or ED for short which is one of the most common sexual issues affecting men these days and since the dawn of time.

It would take a whole lot longer for the other sexual disorder that affects men to be diagnosed or even a little better understood although it has almost definitely been occurring for the same amount of time. It is known as premature ejaculation or PE for short and it was only actually first acknowledged as a kind of sexual dysfunction in 1948 after the Kinsey Report was published and suggested that it was a condition.

This very important report that would lead to a major sexual health issue in men finally being reported to and acknowledged by the medical community showed how in 3 out of every 4 men, there was a time period called the intravaginal ejaculatory latency period (IELT) wherein they could only last less than 2 minutes before climaxing after entering the vagina. It is as embarrassing as it sounds and then more.

However, it is no more embarrassing than having to deal with ED which is just as widespread and brings just as much shame to the many men that it affects. In fact, men with ED often feel even more ashamed as unlike men with PE who can still get erections but who just reach orgasm too soon, men with ED can only dream of doing anything sexually as this condition does not allow their penises to function at all.

As the name clearly explains, the disorder of ED is one that causes the men who suffer from it to lost the ability to firstly gain and secondly sustain an erection that is firm enough for them to pleasure another person or themselves in a sexual way. It does not matter if they are aroused or not as if a man has ED it is just not possible for him to acquire an erection and this can be highly emasculating and drains the joy.

As the name would once again suggest, the disorder of PE is a sexual one wherein the man that has it cannot control his ejaculatory responses which then leads to him reaching climax far too early on into the sex. This can make having a happy, healthy sex life nearly impossible as it leaves you and certainly your sexual partner feeling unsatisfied sexually and also has a terrible impact on the male self-esteem.

While most men would rather never even think about dealing with one of these disorders for even a tiny amount of time, can you then imagine how it would feel for them to know that they have to deal with a double blow and instead of having one of these sexual disorders, they find themselves dealing with both of them at the same time. This can really put a dampener on your sex life and leave you feeling very low.

Well, believe it or not, but there are actually thousands (if not millions of men) all over the world who are forced to face this dual sexual dysfunction reality and while it may sound like the end of the world and the end of your sex life, it most definitely is not. Both of these disorders are easy to diagnose and easy to treat and there are now more amazing medicines than has ever been seen before by any man.

The best part is how easy these kinds of medicines are to purchase in these more modern and smooth times of ours. There are now more and more pharmacies opening up on the internet and it is at these fine stores that you can buy the best generic medicines in this most convenient and relaxed way. It is a good idea to go onto the internet and buy your medicines there if you have not yet done so.

An Expert Speaks On Super Medications

While the medicines that are now available for sexual disorders have become more advanced and are only becoming more so, it can be confusing to try and understand all of the new product and which one will best suit you. We sought some more information on ‘Super’ medicines from the Head of Medical Research at Dr. Alana Sieges told us the following:

“As medical science is evolving so fast – particularly in the sex medicines category – it can be a confusing thing for men to seek treatment for their sexual disorders as there is so many new products. Things are a little easier for men suffering from duel sexual dysfunctions in terms of choosing a medicine as they can and should only go for the Super medicines that can effectively treat both of their conditions.”

She continued, “With the help of these Super medicines, men who have both ED and PE can start to have great sex again as this specialized medicine contains both sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine which allows it to treat both disorders at the same time. Each tablet has a 160mg dosage of these compounds that will bring swift relief to duel sexual disorders.”

The Bitcoin Buzz and Your Medicine

Why would you ever pass up on the opportunity to enjoy great bargains and deals when it is offered to you with such ease of access? You would not and rightly so.

There is now the chance for you to get much more out of your online shopping (be it for groceries or medicines) as you can now use digital currencies such as the renowned Bitcoin to perform your online transactions with. The leading internet pharmacies will be very happy to reward their Bitcoin paying customers with free extra medicine and faster courier services.

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