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by Abi D. Marketing

May, 2019 - Apkzeal, a news and mobile gaming focused online provider has now launched it's modding section. The idea behind this move is to cater to the massive amount of new gamers who are looking for game cheats, and mods.

In the past this kind of support has only existed for the more established console and pc platform of gamers. But since the number of new mobile gamers has jumped into the millions, it makes sense to provide support to this part of the community.

However mobile games designed to be played on mobile devices such as the android and Iphone ios do not have game cheats available for them. This is because, unlike video game consoles and pc variations, cheat functions are not built into these mobile games.

Therefore, the only other viable option is for the entire game file to be modified with cheat functions. But the problem with this approach is that most gamers don't actually have the skills needed to modify these game files. And this is where APKZEAL comes in.

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The team at APKZEAL are experts when it comes to modding of mobile games. And the end result will include special cheats or hacked functions which normally doesn't come standard with the stock game file. However, these modded game files only work on the offline mode.

In order to make these kinds of exploits, one would have to have a good understanding of the coding language in which the game was made from. Android game files have the extension ".APK". So when searching for a game mod online the phrase "modded apk" should also be included in the search.

Getting your hands on a modded apk might be an easy process. But the difficult part of it is getting access to the most updated versions. And this is one of the reasons our services at Apkzeal are so important.

Since these mobile games are regularly updated by the developers, there is a constant need to keep the modded apk's updated. That is why finding a great source for game modded apk files is so important. And Apkzeal is proud to announce that "Our library of modded apks are constantly updated."

If you are a gamer you would realize how valuable it is to have a one-stop-shop that will cater to all your mobile gaming needs. Some of the most commonly requested mods are: God Mode, Infinite Health, Infinite Resources, Infinite Gold, Infinite Diamonds, and Unlimited-Everything.

Of course the availability of any of these unlocked/hacked attributes depends on which game you're playing.

Why Mod Games?

Its Fun -

One of the reasons people enjoy modded games is because it's a lot of fun. If the game is too difficult to play some gamers might drop it. But with infinite health unlocked - gamers can continue playing without getting frustrated.

It Costs Nothing -

A growing trend in todays world of mobile gaming involves the spending of real money to unlock "Powerups" in games. So if the gamer wanted something like "Extra Health" it would have to be purchased with real money. And the problem with this is that it quickly becomes expensive. This is why modded games are in high demand.

No Grinding -

Usually, the normal versions of these games are made intentionally difficult so that you have to buy something in order to make things easier. The other option is for the gamer to perform a lot of "boring" tasks in the hopes of being rewarded by the game. Of course, gamers get fed up with this, and either pull out their wallets or abandon the game altogether.

But now that modded games are available, mobile gamers can now explore the game a lot more than they normally would because they've got enough health and resources to do so. And in the end it becomes a more fun experience.

To see more of what Apkzeal has to offer please visit -

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