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Affordable World Class Joe... Why do we call coffee "Joe?" It's not a derivative of any kind, it doesn't rhyme with anything coffee-related, how did "Joe" enter the coffee lexicon? Why not Jean, or Cathy? Well, there's a pretty neat story behind the moniker, and a solid reason why anything remotely female wouldn't have made the nickname cut.

Back in the early 20th century coffee was considered more of a lady's drink. Men were expected to drink alcohol (which probably explains things like Goldfish Swallowing, Phone Booth Stuffing, and other bizarre trends that took hold in that era).

By referring to coffee as "Joe," industry insiders were hoping to give it a more masculine flare. And whether or not coffee can be considered masculine is up for debate but certainly, as the most popular beverage in the world, it won a few guys over.

No matter how you refer to your coffee, if you're looking for the best the 21st century has to offer, look to online marketplace GoCoffeeGo. Profiled by The New York Times, PBS, ABC, bon appetit, and more, this is your go-to retailer for the world's best, rarest, and highest quality beans.

Browse their roasters, regions, and coffee types right now on their shop page.

If you're used to coffee from Brazil, or Italy, or Hawaii, you are in for a treat, because right now GoCoffeeGo is featuring a selection of beans from Ethiopia, the birthplace of the Arabica bean.

Some of the coolest coffees to check out include the Omran family’s Abana Estate in Limu, a small batch release of Shantawene beans from Onyx Coffee Lab, and the Temple Brand’s Reko beans, grown in the mountainous Reko region.

Did you know Ethiopia produces some of the best-reviewed coffees in the world? The Ethiopian coffee beans at GoCoffeeGo are curated from estates that concentrate on quality over quantity, and on fermentation processes that differentiate acidity levels, flavors, and body, (which is the way that the coffee resonates on your palate).

Ethiopia Abana Estate coffee, for example, part of the Equator brand, was named National Small Business of the Year in 2016. They were also winners of the Roasters Choice award in 2013, named Roaster of the Year in 2010. These beans are sourced from the highlands of the Limu region, and are the product of a washing fermentation process that removes the outer mucilage to produce the prized bean, which is then sun-dried to perfection.

When you choose this variety, you get a light roast with spicy body, a sweeter level of acidity, and notes of cardamom, ginger, sweet lime and apricot. Talk about a great way to start the day.

GoCoffeeGo's Ethiopia Ayla Bensa Shantawene Natural coffee from the multi-award-winning Onyx Coffee Lab brand is a rare, small-batch release that uses a limited oxygen fermentation process. So instead of the washing process, these beans are sealed to restrict the amount of oxygen they’re exposed to during fermentation. This allows the producers to control the temperature during the bean extraction process which means they also have more control over the end product.

The Shantawene bean is a light roast but with a brighter, sweet level acidity and a full body. Flavor notes from this bean include blackberry compote, jasmine, raw honey, and plum. Perfect for afternoon Kaffee und Kuchen (that's a German tradition where everyone sits down for a cup of coffee, some cake, and good conversation).

Another beautiful bean from Ethiopia is the Reko type of bean from Temple Coffee. Recently awarded a 94-point score from Coffee Review’s recent tasting report, these beans come from the mountainous Reko region in Ethiopia and are produced by the founders of the Reko Washing Station, where farmers deliver their coffee cherries to be washed and pulped.

Ethiopia Reko is a medium-light roast bean known for its honey, lemon zest, and raspberry notes.

GoCoffeeGo has over 10 million customers and represents over 1000 coffees. You can even get a subscription and have a new type of coffee delivered to your door every month!

Check out their full line of Ethiopian coffee beans and treat yourself to a high-quality, wildly distinct cuppa Joe.

Are you ready for the best the world has to offer? Learn more at

GoCoffeeGo LLC 2027 Fillmore Street Suite GoCoffeeGo, San Francisco, CA 94115, United States Website Phone +1-415-225-6544

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