Generic Soma 350mg Pill

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Generic Soma 350mg Pill to deal with musculoskeletal pain

Carisoprodol, available under the trade name soma is a muscle relaxant drug that is intended to be ingested for treating skeletal muscle condition.In order to stay away from the pain and discomfort in the affected area caused due to muscle spasms and other injuries, Generic Soma 350mg Pill.

Generic Soma 350mg Pill


What are the side effects of Soma?

Some of the side effects associated with the regular ingestion of Soma medication may include the following:

  1. Lack of motor control, not able to stand or balance oneself, weakness, uncoordinated movements
  2. Tachycardia or increased heartbeat
  3. Blacking out or fainting, loss of consciousness
  4. Convulsions and seizures, muscle spasms, uncontrollable tremors
  5. Confusion, agitation
  6. Loss of vision, blurred vision

In case any of the above mentioned symptoms surface and persist or get worse with time, get in touch immediately with your doctor.

Soma’s potential for addiction and abuse

The potential for abuse involving Soma is widely documented, with its abuse potential being compared to oxycodone, hydrocodone and also codeine.

A research study carried out on abuse of carisoprodol in Norway in the year 2007 proved that the probability was high of substance abuse from carisoprodol.

Soma is listed as a schedule IV medication since January 2012 in the United States. Furthermore, in the U.S. this drug is legitimate to be taken on a doctor’s prescription.

How Soma is abused?

How Soma is abused

This drug is a muscle relaxant that may prove beneficial in back pain as well as other chronic pain issues by offering relaxant, sedative and anxiolytic effects. However, Generic Soma 350mg Pill is also taken for its potentiating effects when taken in combination with other opioid narcotics.

What are the dangers of mixing Soma with opioids?

As a potentiator, when carisoprodol is taken in combination with other opioid medications such as hydrocodone or codeine, it raises the amount of hydrocodone or codeine that is converted in your body to hydromorphine or morphine. Thus, taking soma in conjunction with other opioid drugs makes the opioid effects more potent and stronger. soma online shopping.

What are the dangers of mixing Soma and alcohol?

This drug is also frequently taken in combination with alcohol for recreational purposes. Mixing alcohol with soma, like mixing it with other opioid medications enhances the effects of alcohol on your body. Combination of as little as one drink of alcohol and a small dose of this medicine may lead to extreme effects including:

  1. Slurred speech
  2. Loss of consciousness
  3. Blackouts
  4. Complete lack of balance

The biggest danger of taking this drug in conjunction with alcohol is the risk of overdose ultimately resulting in death. The symptoms of overdose caused by soma are very similar to the symptoms of overdose caused by GABAergic chemicals such as opioids, alcohol or heroin.There is an increased probability of respiratory depression with overdose of soma which may result in hypoxia and eventually death. Buy Soma online to stay away from muscle spasms.

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