Generalized Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Causes, Treatments

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Anxiety disorders include various disorders related to excessive anxiety and difficult to manage, which manifest themselves very differently. These can include attacks or acute panic attacks, phobias, generalized anxiety disorders. There are also several classifications of these disorders, differing slightly between countries.

In the general population, all anxiety disorders have a prevalence of about 15% in about 12 months (and up to 20 to 30% if we take into account the whole life) 1. They are among the most common mental disorders. Generalized anxiety disorder affects 2 to 6% of adults (slightly more women than men).

While occasional anxiety is normal, people with anxiety disorders experience excessive, persistent anxiety that seriously affects their quality of life. The diagnosis is made if the fear is disproportionate (in duration, intensity or frequency) compared to the actual situation, and if the symptoms persist more than 6 months.

It is a mental health disorder that requires adequate medical and psychological care.

Anxiety disorders manifest themselves in a very variable way, ranging from panic attacks to a very precise phobia, to generalized and almost constant anxiety, which is not justified by any particular event.

Six clinical entities among anxiety disorders:

  1. Generalized anxiety disorder,
  2. Panic disorder with or without agoraphobia,
  3. Social anxiety disorder,
  4. The specific phobia (for example the phobia of heights or spiders),
  5. Obsessive compulsive disorder,
  6. The state of post-traumatic stress.

The most recent version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the DSM-V, published in 2014, widely used in North America, proposes categorizing various anxiety disorders as follows these three steps:

  • Anxiety disorders,
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder and other related disorders
  • Disorders associated with stress and trauma

Each of these categories includes about ten "subgroups". Thus, among the "anxiety disorders", there are, among others: agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder, selective mutism, social phobia, anxiety induced by drug treatment or by drugs, phobias, etc.

Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

The occurrence of anxiety disorders is not really rationally explained. It is therefore difficult to know who is likely to suffer.

On the other hand, some stressful and traumatic events can promote the occurrence of anxiety disorders. It is therefore recommended to get prompt psychological help after such an event, especially for children. However you can buy real xanax online to cure anxiety with medication you can also follow these steps to avoid anxiety disorders.

  • Finally, good lifestyle habits are essential to try to limit anxiety:
  • Have a regular sleep pattern and long enough nights
  • Practice regular physical activity
  • Avoid the use of stimulants, cannabis, alcohol and other drugs
  • Surround yourself and be able to be supported in case of anxiety too strong.

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Things You Don’t About Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

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Without knowing the exact source of the problem, it becomes difficult to treat an anxiety disorder. If left untreated, anxiety and related disorders can persist for long periods of time. They will then start interfering with your daily life activities. During daily routines, anxiety can lead to fatigue and muscle fatigue.
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