GEChain officially released the White Paper!

by Evan Nasseri Seo Expert


GEChain said in the white paper that GEChain was launched to create a new ecological chain of genetic data, confirm personal genetic data rights and capitalize data resources, and form a new ecosystem in which the value of life can be priced, circulated, and interchangeable. Users around the world can convert their own genetic data into their own value and flow in the ecology in the form of GE.

GEChain uses "GE" as the carrier of value, that is, the token of GEChain. It is described as not only able to flow in the ecosystem, but also to pry into the larger value ecology outside the gene detection industry.

Genetic data can not only provide solutions and cure methods for difficult and miscellaneous diseases, but also can help people prevent disease, give birth and healthy health. For pharmaceutical enterprises and scientific research institutions, gene data is a valuable research resource, and the research party can carry out drug research and biological technology research under the guidance of gene data. However, even if the benefits of genetic data are well understood, the development of the genetic data industry still faces problems such as privacy and lack of ownership, high storage costs and data dispersion.

In the white paper, GEChain proposed to solve the pain point of today's gene data industry in the form of "block chain gene data": "introducing blockchain technology into genomics so that everyone can sequence their own genomes, obtain data and safely store it on block chains." "Block chain-Intelligent contract: solving data security problems; Block chain-Cryptography: solving data ownership and value problems; Block chain-decentralized Storage: solving data Storage problems."

GEChain is creating an ecosystem driven by block chains that stores gene data in decentralized databases, GEChain said. Users can access this data under the specification of smart contracts so that each user can control his or her own data and / or receive compensation benefits as a result.

On the whole, I think this is a revolution. I think the significance of this revolution is as follows:

For the first time, it provides a borderless, stable, shared and huge genome data hub for global human genetic data.

Let the genetic data industry finally realize the multi-party cooperation and win-win benefit of individuals, scientific research institutions, governments and enterprises.

This is by far my favorite blockchain project that can land. I believe that people who are really in the field of blockchain feel that they should meet the real challenge. In the future and even now, there are still a lot of people who do not understand the blockchain and digital money, but the times are a day of progress, time will slowly push it to your eyes, the process of blockchain can not be stopped!

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