GCSE Maths In Four Weeks Revision Guide


GCSE Maths In Four WeeksAchieve Your Target Grade in Pass GCSE Maths was created by Jeevan, who is a math tutor in the UK. Jeevan has been known as a math wizard his whole life. This guide can be used for all exam boards and new specifications (9-1) released in September 2015. His revision program has helped hundreds of students around the World do better in their Maths exams. It is also being used by dozens of schools in the UK and abroad. You will find out the same revision schedule that the author used to get an A in GSCE Maths a year yearly. This is the perfect series for the power reviser who wants to get a Grade 5 on the new 9-1 GCSE Foundation Maths exam! This guide builds on from all of the exam questions in the main program. It contains all of the areas a typical student would drop marks on. By being aware of these areas, you’ll achieve nearer the 100% mark let alone your target grade.

This program contains the main revision guide, which is 200 pages long and details every step Jeevan took to get an ” A ” in GCSE Maths a year early. It can be used by any GCSE/IGCSE maths student, regardless of the examining body. The guide introduces you to 3 unique memory retention techniques you can use to remember all you need to know for your exam. The guide purposely provides you with lots and lots of sample questions for you to get your head around, and to ensure your maths is bettered and fully comprehend how to tackle each question type. You will be shown how to revise for all your other GCSE exams and achieve a top grade in each one. Tips on how to score up to 100% in your exam. How to enter the exam if you’re a private candidate with a tip on saving on the entry cost. Over 8 hours of video footage going through the trickiest exam questions of the syllabus , watch these video tutorials as many times as you like, in the comfort of your own home. 30 of the greatest shortcuts ever discovered in GCSE maths. Use them to solve questions quicker and look like a genius in front of your peers and teachers! Plus, a neat little trick to eliminate stress & anxiety on exam day. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to improve their child’s grade in Maths GCSE (and other exams) and wanting to make revision more structured, less time consuming and more rewarding!

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