Future Scope of Artificial Intelligence as a Trade

by Nalini Ranjan Panday Digital Marketer

Artificial Intelligence deals with the simulation of human intelligence by machines like learning, reasoning and self- correction, etc.. It is an innovative and new field not just in India but also across the world. The study is a mixture of computer science and engineering that deals with the creation of robots and other machines that can work and react like humans. Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Chatbots, phones, and televisions with voice recognition features, automated homes that react to certain commands, etc. are some of the examples of AI. Candidates with high aptitude in mathematical logic are most suited for this course. Programming language knowledge is essential for doing well in this field. Amrita is a top Artificial Intelligence engineering colleges in KarnatakaListed below are some future scope of AI as a trade that can change the future.

Breakthrough in Science

The scope of AI in science is considered at large. In the future also AI is going to play a bigger role in science. AI is used for the discovery of drugs, which is a rapidly growing field, as machines work faster than humans. AI is going to transform science as it is also applied in synthetic biology for the manufacture and designing of microorganisms for industrial uses.

Cyber Security

AI can bring a remarkable change to cybercrimes. The future application of AI in cybersecurity will ensure in grabbing hackers. Cybercrime incidence is happening for years and hampers the brand image as well as material cost. AI also check the Credit card fraud type cybercrime.

Face Recognition

Face recognition feature is now there in many advance mobile phones with AI. In future users might unlock their phones by looking into the front camera and not by passcodes anymore. This face recognition feature is not only working for authenticating the personal content but is also essential for governments and security forces to track down criminals and identify them. In the future, facial recognition can also analyze the emotional status of a person.

Data Analysis

In the future, AI will be used for Data Analysis. AI would be able to perceive patterns in data that is not possible for humans. This enables businesses to reach the right customers for the product. 


AI-guided transport will be soon coming out from the pages of sci-fi literature. Machine Learning will be complicated while ensuring that Automated Vehicles operate smoothly and efficiently. But very soon driverless vehicles become a reality as self- driving cars have already hit the market. 

Various Jobs

Robotic Process Automation is the process of machine learning to automate the tasks. It will help people to focus on the critical aspects of their job. The reach of AI automation can range from data entry to jobs that are risky or health-hazardous like bomb diffusion and welding.

Emotion Bots

Technology has become advanced in terms of Emotional Quotient. Virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana & Alexa have proved the extent to which AI comprehends human language. They understand the meaning from context and make intelligent judgments for humans. This shows that the possibility of emotional bots might become a reality in the future.

Marketing & Advertising

The application of AI in sales and marketing of business shows stability by considering the fact that marketing professionals leave no stone unturned to benefit their business. AI can increase the efficiency of sales and marketing organizations by focusing on improving conversion rates and sales. Personalized advertising, knowledge of customers, and their behaviour glimpse through facial recognition can generate more revenue.

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