Furnace Fires: How to Prevent a Winter Disaster

by Kevin Smith Author

This winter, your heater doesn't just keep you warm and cozy, it keeps you safe from dangerously low, icy outdoor temperatures. You should do all you can to protect your heater from damage, especially as it undergoes daily use.

But did you know that your heater can start a fire? It's unsurprising, if you think about it. This machine's sole job is to create heat. In fact, you should rely on professional heating and air repair in McDonough, GA, to prevent this very serious risk. 

Here's how your furnace could be a powder keg, and how to prevent a home fire this winter.

Furnace Flame Rollouts

A flame rollout is just as scary as it sounds. Your furnace may eject flames out of the enclosed combustion chamber and ignite nearby items, causing a huge fire. How does this happen? Believe it or not, a lack of oxygen is to blame. Fire needs to breathe in order to survive, and if it doesn't have enough oxygen inside the combustion chamber, fire will seek out oxygen outside of the machine. The fire will then roll out of the chamber and endanger everything nearby. 

Signs of Rollout

If your furnace regularly experiences flame rollout, you may not even know about it until it's too late. Look for these signs of flame rollout:

  • Singed or blackened marks on the outside of the appliance
  • A smoky smell in the room where the furnace is installed

Tips for Preventing Fires

Keep your furnace clean. Change the filter in the appliance every 1-3 months, depending on the product manual's recommendations. You should also hire a furnace repair professional to inspect and clean the inside of the machine regularly. Dust and grime, or even foreign objects inside the furnace, can ignite and the fire can spread.

Finally, keep all objects away from your furnace at all times. Don't store anything around the machine. Let if "breathe", and never put motor oil, cardboard boxes, or anything else flammable anywhere near the furnace. Never let your children or pets play around it, and place a safety fence around the machine if necessary.

All of these safety tips also give space and clean air for the furnace to "breathe", so that fires stay in the combustion chamber where they belong.

If you have more questions about furnace maintenance or feel that your furnace may be in danger of flame rollout, call for professional heating and air repair in McDonough, GA, like Omega Heating and Air.


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