Functioning Of The Rotimatic Robotic Roti Maker

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Rotimatic is a kitchen technology that is very advanced and simplifies the way we make an Indian staple - the Roti. Every aspect of our life has been eased with the use of technology and the kitchen space is not different. We are what we eat and the Rotimatic ensures that it converts the best ingredients to make hot and puffy rotis for us to devour.


Now you no longer need to rely on packaged, frozen or outside rotis or even have to worry about undertaking the tedious task of making perfectly round rotis. When you look for a roti making machine, price should not be your only consideration. The fact that you free up so much of your day and the task is made effortless, should be factored in while evaluating the chapati maker machine price.


How does the Rotimatic machine work?

Rotimatic robotically measures, distributes, mixes and kneads the ingredients for form a dough ball; one at a time. It has in built artificial intelligence technology, that imitates human judgement for adjustment and consistency. It can gauge the right proportion of water and flour to ensure that the dough ball is nothing short of perfect. It then presses the dough ball into a flat roti and through uniform application of heat, gives us rotis that are roasted properly and puffed deliciously.

Rotimatic upholds the aspect of safety by ensuring that all plastic materials that come in contact with the food are FDA compliant and safe.

The technology that powers this robot

       Rotimatic converts dry flour to freshly puffed flatbreads in under a minute and a half. This is made possible by the 32-bit microprocessor that powers 10 motors, 300 parts and 15 sensors simultaneously. These parts work in tandem to ensure the perfect temperature, positioning as well as consistency.

       The Rotimatic is powered by Artificial Intelligence and IoT capabilities and hence it never stops learning and only becomes smarter with each roti made. Once the Rotimatic is connected to WiFi, it gets upgraded to the latest software and even offers remote troubleshooting options.  Rotimatic uses data to become smarter over time and empowers its users to be more creative with new inclusions in each upgraded version.

       The Rotimatic is a robot with a human touch. Just like we adjust the proportion of the raw ingredients to get the perfect consistency, so does the Rotimatic. It emulates human judgement to adjust the flour and water and consistently knead each dough ball. It then flattens it out to get a round and even thick roti.

       The design ensures perfection. The Rotimatic has a custom Designed Heat Flow and a flat pressing mechanism which translates into uniformly cooked rotis from the inside and outside, with a thickness of only 1.5 mm. The toasting plates further achieve perfection by getting the ideal roast on them.

       The Rotimatic is very calculative, but in this case, it is a very good quality to possess. Roti making is all about the exact calculations and technique. This machine precisely calculates and dispenses each ingredient thanks its fine particle dispenser which is a one of a kind feature in a kitchen appliance. This results in a flawless dough and perfect rotis every single time.

The Rotimatic roti making machine price is undoubtedly worth the investment as it is a technologically advanced, fully automated machine that makes roti making a breeze. 

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