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Brother printers are widely used by individuals around the world, to carry out their office as well as home purpose tasks. But, when you do important work and you get an error in Brother Printer, it is often very annoying to fix Brother Printer Error 76. The error message means that you are unable to print, as it is also one of the important fuser errors, errors that have been encountered by many users while using the printer. This is caused by a variety of problems, including foreign objects, such as a ripped piece of paper, a paper clip that gets stuck in a sibling printer, or a mechanical malfunction in the printer area, or often even Occurs when a sudden power outage occurs where the printer becomes aroused; At that point, the mainboard becomes confused and considers the printer in sleep mode and at X temperature when the printer is at the ready temperature. Then don't worry about it. You can solve it easily by implementing simple troubleshooting steps suggested by Brother printer experts.

The message "76 unable to print" will appear on the display for one of the following reasons:

  1. A foreign object, such as a paper clip or a ripped piece of paper, gets stuck in the machine;

     ii.      Mechanical malfunction.

To try to clear the error, continue to step 1.

1. Before beginning this brother printer troubleshooting, it is recommended to transfer your fax to another fax machine so that you do not lose any important messages. Any fax received while the error message appears on the display will automatically run into the machine's memory due to an inability to print the product. If there are faxes in memory, you can transfer them to another fax machine so that they are not lost.

     - If you do not want to transfer the fax, go to step 3.

     - If you want to confirm and transfer the received faxes to memory, then go to step 2.

2. Transferring stored faxes to another machine.

          Note icon To transfer data from your fax machine to another fax machine, you must have already programmed the station ID in your machine before receiving the "Unable to print to 76" error message. If you had not programmed your station ID into the machine before receiving the error, you would not be able to transfer the fax to memory. Continue to step 3.

     a. Press Stop / Exit to temporarily interrupt the error message.

     B. Press Settings.

     C. Press ▼ or ▼ to select the service. Press ok

     D. Press ▼ or ▼ to select data transfer. Press ok

     e. Press ▼ or ▼ to select fax transfer. Press ok

          - If "no data" appears, there are no faxes in the memory to transfer. Press Stop / Exit, then continue to step 3.

          - If there are faxes in memory, the display will prompt to enter the fax number. Enter the fax number including the 1 plus area code, then proceed to step f.

     f. Press black start. The stored fax will be transferred to that number. Continue to step 3.

3. Using both hands, cover the life in the open position of the scanner using the finger position on each side of the machine.

brother printer error code 76
Open scanner cover

     - Do you see the scanner cover support arm on the left side of the machine?

          - If yes, go to step 4.

          - If not, verify that you have opened the scanner cover (as in the image above). If the document cover was opened, you will not see a green scanner cover support. Close the document cover and go back to step 3 to open the scanner cover.

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4. Carefully examine the corners and center of the left (1) and right (2) hands inside the machine and remove any paper scraps that may get jammed.

how to fix brother printer error code 76
Check for paper scrap

5. Using your hand, move the print head from left to right, carefully checking for any paper scraps sticking under the print head. Remove anyone if found.

     Note icon If the print head is in the right-hand corner, hold down the stop/exit for at least 5 seconds and press until the print head moves to the middle. This will allow you to check the correct corner inside the machine for any paper scrap.

6. Leave the scanner cover open and turn the machine around so that you are looking at the back of the machine.

7. By squeezing both levers (1) together, open the jammed clear cover on the back of the machine.

brother error code 76
Open the jam clear cover

8. Check inside for any foreign objects or jammed paper. If found, remove it.

9. Close the jam clear cover, then turn the machine backwards from all four sides.

unable to print 76
Clear jam clear cover

10. Close the scanner cover by gently holding the finger on each side.

unable to print
Turn off the scanner

     - If "76 unable to print" is still on display, go to step 11.

     - If "76 unable to print" has cleared, go to step 12.

11. Unplug the machine from the power outlet for about a minute, then plug it back in.

     - If the display is still "unable to print 76", go to step 13.

     - If "76 unable to print" has cleared, go to step 12.

12. Print Quality Check Sheet (PQCS).

     a. Press Settings.

     B. Press or ▼ to select Ink / Maintenance. Press ok

     C. Press ▼ or ▼ to select Impr. Print quality. Press ok

     D. Press ▼ or ▼ to select Impr. print quality (for white lines). Press ok

     I. Press Color Start. A PQCS will print.

          - If PQCS prints successfully, your machine is working properly. The issue is resolved.

          - If PQCS does not print, because "76 unable to print" reappears and you have not cycled the power, go back to step 11.

          - If PQCS does not print, because "76 unable to print" reappears and you have cycled the power, continue to step 13.

13. Your machine will require service. Go to warranty and service options.

Warranty and service options:

 Your machine has a one-year limited exchange warranty. Clicking on the machine warranty calculator

Looking for assistance to solve Brother Printer related issues?

If you are still facing Brother Printer Error Code 76 issue in your printer, you can contact on our Brother Support Assistant Toll-free number 1800-436-0509.Our technicians are highly professional and are available 24/7 services to solve all your queries and issues regarding Brother Printer. Our experts will provide you with immediate support over phone, email or online chat.

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