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Before using just any type of software, you must know a few details about it. The same goes when you are searching for free SCADA. It’s the SCADA software that has managed to become more popular in the industrial market. Since the announcement of the SCADA software, it has started to make automation look easier for different industries. And now when the free SCADA is announced online, industries are taking complete advantage of it. In this regard, Sielco Sistemi can produce a great help to get this for free. If you are also looking for the SCADA software and wish to get it for free, then there are a few things that you must know about it before using the same.

During the early time of 1950, when the modern day’s computers were developed for the industrial control like purpose, supervisory control has started to gain popularity among some of the major utilities like gas, oil as well as industrial markets. During the 1960s, to monitor equipments and industrial processes telemetry was introduced. It has made automated communications look easier than ever before. It was used to transmit the measurements as well as other data from the remote locations to the monitoring equipments. It’s the term SCADA that has come to limelight during the 1970s. it was also the time when the PLCs and the microprocessors have increased the enterprises’ aptitude to control and monitor the automated processes. So, the question is that how SCADA has evolved?

With the help of the mainframe computers, for the first time SCADA was introduced. The networks that we know these days were not available during that time. due to this reason, the early days SCADA systems have managed to stand on their own. Now day’s these systems can be termed as the monolithic systems! During the 80s as well as 90s, the SCADA system started to evolve as the real helping hand for the small computer systems, LAN technology and the HIM software that was operated with the help of PCs.

After this, the free SCADA system has managed to get connected with the other systems that are similar to the previous ones. There were many LAN protocols during that time which were considered as the proprietary ones have allowed the vendors to take control on how the data transfer can be optimized. But the fact is that such SCADA systems were unable to communicate properly with the other vendors and they were termed as the distributed systems.

From 90s to 2000s, SCADA software has managed to receive incremental changes which were actually based on distributed systems that were used previously. This new system has acquired the power of communication protocols and open-system architecture. This system was not considered as the vendor specific one. Due to this reason, it was named as the networked system SCADA and it has successfully managed to take advantage of the communication technologies like Ethernet. This type of SCADA software has also allowed the other vendors’ systems to communicate properly. In this way, the new networked SCADA system has managed to waive off the limitations that the older version of SCADA has managed to face.


Free SCADA software is something that comes with an array of advantages. Archer Finch like expert in this field can suggest more about the benefits of using the SCADA software.

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