Free & Paid Traffic Marketing Systems that REALLY WORK & Can Achieve Massive Results!

by Ronald Burgess Digital Entreprenuer
There are a lot of free & paid Marketing Systems out there! There is no business on the face of this earth that will automatically deliver quality leads for you. Some Work must be done! Somewhere in any of the business plans out there, marketing has to be done to generate leads to it! If you cannot come to grasp with this truth, then you Will Not Be Successful with your Business!

I'm only going to discuss 3 of them in particular that I have been using lately, and have been successful in generating leads daily! Both of these sites have the added bonus of earning an income with them as well. 

Marketing systems are successful with presenting an offer that is helpful to the user and captures the attention of a lead which brings them to your site. People spend hours & hours a day clicking on links with traffic exchanges for credits, achieving little, if any results to their primary business. I use marketing systems to help you generate leads for your business, and at the same time why not have the option to get paid for the work that you do!

The 1rst site that I would like to mention is Hits Monkey. I'ts a simple little sight that captures the lead's attention by offering 1,000 Free hits to any site. I mean free traffic that you really don't have to do much for would be great, right! 

But, I invite you to take a closer look at this system! Not only do you get the 1000 hits to any website for free, but you can obtain much, much, more traffic than that! I mean you can obtain traffic that compounds exponentially! If you're interested in obtaining more information about this site, try it out Free! 

Simply Enter your email and the site where you like to receive your 1,000 Free Hits to, Watch the video, (it's on the Info tab after you signup)... Click Here

Also, this system has an optional, incredible income opportunity attached to it. You can even Earn w/BitCoin. If you're not familiar with BitCoin the site has information educating you on what is, and how you can get started with using it! It is Easy to Get Started! I set my account up and upgraded to Pro the very first day! For a one-time, total of $25 you can upgrade to Pro-Level and achieve a Massive Income. Watch the short video which will go into further details! Click Here to for more info

This 2nd site is by far my favorite! I didn't list the sites in order of preference, but in order of free vs. paid methods to get started using them, and their effectiveness of traffic generation!

Now, I am sure that you have heard the old saying that the money is in the list. This is an overused cliche, because you can have a list of people, but if you are unable to reach them that list serves no purpose! Many marketers are not successful in their business, not because they fail to put in the time of advertising or sharing their opportunity, but because they fail in adequately following up with the prospects that they accumulate.

The reason why this site is my favorite is because I just started with this business, and am having incredible results; better than any of the other two mentioned. But, I don't put those sites down, because if it works, why stop using them! No, you add to what works, to make your overall campaign better!

This system provides the tools that Every Marketer NEEDS... which is leads, contact & followups for your business!

It is a text marketing software that does what I mentioned before, which is automates your business by qualifying, contacting, following up, and closing sales for you 24/7. If you have a fear getting on the phone calling people, then this can help you with that! I mean, if that is an obstacle, you literally never have to talk with anyone!

Over 83% of text messages are read within the first 3 sec. (those results may be even better than that!) This means that if your prospect is viewing your opportunity by means of text messaging, your offer is more likely to be seen and responded to better that any other conventional means that you have used to date!

What is more is that this system advertises your primary business for you as well. That's right! Let me present a scenario for you!

Imagine having your leads fill out your opt-in page, meaning they have some interest in your primary business. They submit their email and boom you have a lead! But, here is where the catch 22 comes in. Say that prospect gets diverted by a phone call, children, parents, the dog, the email gets lost in spam(junkmail), just general life that happens to each and every one of us! They forget about what they were previously doing, some time passes and if you do not follow up with them, they never get a chance to take advantage of what could actually have been a life changing answer to help them with their current situations!

Now remember, because you're having some difficulty with obstacles following up with them you may have now missed out on an opportunity that could have helped you as well as someone else!

This is why I love this system!

Now, let's say that you had taken advantage of acquiring the usage of this system for yourself. The prospect has entered their contact information (email) & pressed 1 to verify that they wanted more information about your offer! The system then goes into play! 

The system automatically contacts your prospect via text message and email. Remember 83% of text messages are read within the 1rst 3 sec. So, this gives your prospect an instant reminder about what were previously doing. So, they can either follow the prompts via text at that time, or check their email and retrieve the information later! 

Can you get any better results than that, based on what you're currently experiencing?

Now, of course this system is not free! For what you have access to this would be really fairly cheap! The system costs $150 to get started. That's $50 to admin for the maintenance and upkeep of the system and $100 to the sponsor. Should you decide to take advantage of this system you to would receive $100 payments for every lead that decides to join you and use the system for their marketing efforts! 

The $100 payment is a one-time payment, but the admin fee is yearly. But, I mean one sale could cover your admin fee for 2 years! 

Imagine the income you could generate just by obtaining leads for your business! We haven't even started on your primary business!

And it gets better than that, not only do you receive those $100 payments, but you receive an additional amount based on the efforts of the leads that opt-in to the system, even if they don't take advantage of the system!

Like I said, this one is by far my favorite marketing site... and I've talked way too much about it! Excited I guess... but, if you were having the results that i'm having, I guess you would be too! The system also has some additional advantages, but I won't mention those to you... you will find about those should you decide to take a look at this system.

I am going to leave that choice up to you, but my recommendation is that you should really check this out!

You Can call my number or visit my website to get a firsthand experience on how this system can work for You! 

Call (716) 272-3507 from a cell phone or visit Click Here to visit my site.

The 3rd, and final site that I would like to mention is Lead Lightning. This site generates hot buyer leads fast 24/7! But, like with everything the key to it is that you have to market your link. 

It doesn't market & followup like the previous system I discussed listed above, but it does a pretty good at it's job! 

And for $7 bucks, even if you are just getting starting with your marketing efforts anyone can afford such a small investment to generate leads, that is if you're serious about your marketing efforts! To obtain more information about this product Click Here!

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