Forgive and Create

by Boyd Martin How Quantum Physics Does Health

Forgive and Create

shaman healerA shaman friend of mine told the story of an 80-year old healer in Hawaii who practiced Ho'oponopono. She worked for free, supported as a healer by her community, successfully treating everyone who came to her with their various discomforts and diseases.

Her process was the same for everyone: "Tell me about it," and then after the litany of complaints was complete, she would say, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you." And in every case (sometimes immediately, and sometimes after a few days), the discomforts and diseases would dissipate.

I asked my shaman friend how could this be, and he said, "A being taking full and complete responsibility for their creations heals the world. Everyone who came to her she saw as an extension of her own mind--and extension of herself. There was no difference between her own left arm and the left arm of her visitor."

The implications of what this healer was doing go to the very core of who we all are and why we are here: To live in complete acceptance of the fact that the world is Basically Good, and that all events, regardless of our judgments about them, are perfect. They are perfect because they teach us about acceptance and non-judgment. These are the hallmarks of any creator. "Good" and "bad" transform--becoming like a positive and negative charge to a battery. Without both present, no current flows. And without current nothing is created.

But for most of us, our creations have gotten away from us--they have become circumstances and events "out of our control," and many of us become victims of our own creations. What judgement or decision must have been made to create THAT? Now, there is a good and useful question.

The answer to it lies in the reality that we've been playing this game for a long time--beyond what we call this lifetime, and much of our moments of creation have been forgotten. Yet, it is all right now, right in front of us. This moment of Now contains all the decisions, judgments and creations we've ever made, and the first step to exploring and resolving our creations is to forgive.

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