Food Photography for Restaurant Content Marketing

by Marsh Maxwell Web Digital Group

Food photography is indispensable for promoting the activity of a restaurant on social networks. With the right techniques and tools, you can draw attention and strengthen brand awareness

Those who own a restaurant business have at their disposal a series of tools to promote their work and strengthen the brand identity , the image of professionalism transmitted and the relationship with customers.

One of these means is given by a targeted and aware management of social networks : platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are essential to make the user base wider and to make significant improvements to the business .

An excellent practice for social media, especially for those focused on the visual element, is Food Photography . In addition to the texts, in fact, images also count a lot , which enhance the strengths of the dishes and make any post more interesting.

Let's see together what are the main tricks to photograph food without errors, starting from the equipment to get to the lighting, the background and the perspective .

Appliances for food photography

One of the first rules of food photography is to get useful machinery and accessories , including:

·         a good camera

·         a tripod;

·         quadrangular or telephoto lenses

·         a PC with photo editing programs.

Some of these objects are indispensable, others are optional but still recommended for creating wonderful shots and storytelling with food.

The tripod , for example, allows you to change the angle of the photograph and to obtain suggestive shots from above : several models include a horizontally extendable central arm. The telephoto lens in turn offers numerous advantages, including the ability to artistically manage the rendering of the blurred (in technical jargon the bokeh ) and to cancel any distortions.

The editing programs are recommended to balance the colors, to increase or decrease the contrast, to customize the images and much more. People who photograph food for Instagram often want to add writing, graphic effects and even music.

Some techniques for photographing food

Especially when used as a digital marketing tool for restaurants, Food Photography cannot ignore techniques related to perspective, framing and flash . The latter, for example, should be avoided most of the time: those who use it achieve an often unnatural result, with too intense light and unsightly shadows. Much better to resort to the sun's rays , perhaps placing the table with food next to a large window.

It is also essential not to limit oneself to a single perspective and to seek the one that most highlights the beauty of the subject. A closed shot is often preferable , which does not capture the dishes in their entirety but underlines some details capable of attracting attention.

The rules of food photography, from the background to the details

For a food blogger , photographing food means conveying positive feelings to customers and encouraging them to visit a specific restaurant, pub or bistro . From a marketing oriented point of view it is essential to know who the shots are aimed at, correctly adapting the characteristics of each image.

In general, foods must be enhanced by an appropriate background : many prefer white, which suggests order and cleanliness, or at least pastel shades that enrich the image without detracting from the main theme.

It may seem obvious, but it is necessary that the framed dishes are in perfect condition and that the colors are faithful.

Of great visual impact are the geometric patterns and strategically positioned body parts (such as the hand of a child holding an ice cream cone, or the fingers that hold traditional Japanese chopsticks).

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