Food Facts: How the Type of Food Affects Our Body?

by Vaibhav Kumar Pragyan Institute of Education
In order to enjoy a good health and well being, it is essential that you keep a check on the type of food you are consuming and their nutritious value. Consuming unhealthy street food can have adverse effects on the body; this may not only lead to weight gain but can also trigger metabolic changes in the body, further making you prone to various diseases like heart diseases, and diabetes.

Fatty Food and Health

Consumption of limited fat in our diet is okay as healthy fat in limited quantity is important for the prevention of diseases and proper working of the immune system. But, consuming excessive fatty food, oil, snacks and especially the saturated fats cause uneven weight gain and risk of type-2 diabetes. These fats increase the LDL content of the body, thus making you prone to heart and coronary diseases.  The different types of fat found in food vary in their effect on the health of the body.

Food/ + Festivals/Weddings = Weight Gain

Yes, food, festivals, and marriages are co-related to each other. Every year, especially in India we wait for our several festivals to be celebrated, all under the pretext of various sweets and delicacies to be devoured over and over again.

And if you are celebrating a big fat Indian wedding somewhere in Kerala or are seven seas away somewhere in Melbourne, and eating in some deluxe restaurants like the ‘two fat Indians', then, of course, you are putting on weight. Sweets and other food prepared on festivals are laden with ‘ghee’ and lots of saturated fats again letting you gain weight. Such food as described above can lead you to heart diseases.

How to lose fat? The question is on the topmost lists of most of the house makers. Go through the following to get rid of stubborn inches from around your belly:

  • Try to take meals on time, eat with a time gap in between the meals.
  • Avoid eating street food as it is loaded with calories and unhealthy fat. Ensure yourself that you do not cross 150 calories a day.
  • Go to gym regularly, keep doing your weights, else do the above routine when you reach home.
  • Take light dinner and go to bed on time.
  • Adjust your taste buds according to the diet you have planned.
  • Avoid overeating; eat only as per your body requirement.
  • If you are planning to attend an occasion, do check for healthy catering services. If abroad, then try ‘2 fat Indians’ services.
  • Other methods to get rid of the belly fat are the surgical methods such as Liposuction and Bariatric Surgery. The results of the method are fast but the patient needs to follow a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent the accumulation of fat again in the body.
  • You can also consult a dietician to maintain and follow a fat-free lifestyle for you in order to get rid of extra fat.

Thus, by following the easy mentioned ways you can easily make yourself look younger, besides if you avoid eating unhealthy food you can make yourself free from adopting these methods and look young as before.

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