Five Tips For Sensitive Teeth

by Imtiyaz Alam Mind Digital Group

If after eating hot or cold food items a discomfort occurs in your teeth then it shows that you are suffering from tooth sensitivity. So much stimulation occurs in the dental nerves of a patient who has tooth sensitivity. To protect the outermost nerves from cold and heat the teeth have an outermost coating known as tooth enamel. Exposure of the dentin layer occurs because of damage or wearing out of the enamel. Tubules are the tiny canals that are present in dentin. Discomfort can occur in the dental nerves when your tubules are exposed and you ingest those substances that are cold or hot. Now I am going to describe 5 tips for sensitive teeth.

1.Use fluoride toothpaste for the purpose of brushing – The dental nerves receive the stimulus from the tubules. To block these tubules a desensitizing toothpaste helps a lot. The potassium nitrate present in that toothpaste does that. But it can take some time for the toothpaste to show its effectiveness. So, regular use of the product is recommended to remove the discomfort in the teeth.

You need to ensure that fluoride is present in this toothpaste. Calcium and phosphorus are the minerals that this toothpaste provides to your teeth and fluoride present in the toothpaste does that by attracting these minerals. So, we can say that to remineralize the tooth enamel fluoride helps a lot. For protecting your gums and teeth from acids a new enamel is formed with the help of fluoride, calcium and phosphorous.

2.Do gentle brushing – Nowadays there is an availability of toothbrushes of different types. You can prevent the tooth sensitivity from getting worse as well as prevent the enamel from any damage by using a soft-bristled toothbrush. It is also necessary for you to do gentle brushing. Damage can occur to your teeth if you will scrub them forcefully. To avoid harsh brushing, purchasing an electronic toothbrush is a good idea. A pressure sensor is present in this toothbrush. When on the gums and teeth you apply a lot of pressure then the rotation and vibration of the bristles will be stopped by the sensor.

3.Don’t eat foods and beverages that are acidic – Sometimes your teeth come in contact with acid and because of this a damage to the enamel occurs. When acids of bacteria attack tooth enamel then cavities occur. It has been found that pH is acidic or low in certain drinks and foods. Your tooth enamel can damage by drinking wine, sodas and fruit juice. By restricting pickles, citrus fruits and acidic drinks you can protect your teeth as well as its outermost layer from any damage. After consuming acidic substances don’t do brushing immediately. Wait for 20 minutes and then do the brushing. The acids can damage your enamel if you will brush immediately.

4.Use a mouthguard at night – When in the night you grind your teeth then this condition is known as bruxism. Here it becomes necessary to protect your enamel from any wear and tear and for that purpose you need to wear a mouthguard. If in the night you wear a mouthguard then you can avoid tooth grinding.  

5.Do regular brushing and flossing – To keep the condition of your gums and tooth enamel perfect you need to brush and floss every day. Because of the acids from bacteria and plaque, inflammation and recession in the gums can occur. The gums cover the roots of your teeth which can expose due to the recession of this type. The problem of tooth sensitivity increases with this.

I like to visit the dentist near me to get treatment for all my oral problems. By using those techniques and equipment that are of good quality, they treat various dental problems.

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