Five realistic goals you should set for your mobile app in 2021

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A new year will soon be upon us. It is natural for businesses to recalibrate their goals as a new year commences.

App companies are no different. New goals can come in various forms. From app downloads to user retention and even the addition of new features and functions, app companies plan many milestones on each front.

Setting goals is not a challenge. Companies can set lofty targets and even brainstorm to create a roadmap to meet each milestone. The main challenge here is choosing the right objectives.


Goals have consequences. A company that sets a lofty downloads milestone will naturally focus more on mobile app marketing. If the goal instead is enhancing user retention, more effort would be invested in working on the app’s UI and UX.

It is thus vital to choose the right goals. Some apps are better off chasing app downloads while others should focus more on retention. It is important for app companies to look at their specific product and identify the right goals for it.

App making tools like AppMySite have already made development easy. Anyone can go from WordPress to app in minutes and launch a mobile app.

The struggle to make the app successful is thus the final frontier. This piece lists five realistic goals you should have for your mobile app in 2021.


Table of contents

#1 - Improvement in app features and functions

#2 - Exploring influencer marketing

#3 - Creating a loyal base of users

#4 - Leveraging website traffic for app downloads

#5 - Collaborate with other app companies

#1 - Improvement in app features and functions

It is never a bad time to offer end users more value. You cannot go wrong in trying to improve app experience for your users.

Retaining users is always a challenge. App companies spend a lot of money trying to acquire new users for their app. The overemphasis on user acquisition is partly driven by high app churn. People abandon mobile apps for a number of reasons. Companies thus have to spend a lot of money acquiring new users and maintaining a viable user base.

A simple way to deal with this problem is enhancing user retention. Companies can avoid spending large sums of money on acquisition if the overall app churn is brought under control. Studies show that a five-point gain in retention can translate to an increase in revenue between 25-95%.

The best way to enhance retention is to give app users a concrete reason to stay. Adding new features and functions is a step in the same direction.

It is important for app companies here to note which areas to add new features in. This is generally achieved with the help of mobile app analytics tools. These tools show the areas causing maximum churn. Further development in these areas can thus help reduce app churn and enhance retention.

#2 - Exploring influencer marketing

Even if your main goal is not getting more app downloads, you would still need to maintain some semblance of a marketing campaign. It is a good idea to graduate from typical app marketing practices and get involved in new channels. Influencer marketing is one such channel.

People generally assume influencer marketing is all about hiring popular social media celebrities. This is not the case. You need to identify online personalities and platforms that are popular within your niche. This doesn’t just mean social media handles.

Look for popular blogs and bloggers who have a credible name in your space. Work with them to promote your app through blog posts, social media content, YouTube videos, podcasts, and more.

Influencer marketing is a good channel to explore because it promises immediate results and relevant traction. You may have to spend more on app marketing than usual, but the results are delivered quickly.

#3 - Creating a loyal base of users

The uncertainty of 2020 should guard app companies against volatility. Many apps hit by the pandemic would attest to the need to have a backup plan for uncertain times.

Having a loyal base of app users is the best backup plan you can have. It is your defense against sudden bursts in app churn and abandonments. 2021 is a great time for app companies to take steps to enhance loyalty and stickiness amongst app users.

There are endless ways to ensure brand and app loyalty. The best way to inspire loyalty is incentivizing app users for engaging with the app. The incentives can come through loyalty programs or even simply creating quality content.

Let’s assume your company has a pharmacy app in the market. Awarding discounts to users who place orders regularly or delivering health-related personalized content can help shore up app retention and loyalty.

Another way to inspire loyalty is creating an ecosystem around the app. An ecosystem is basically an insurance policy for your app company that insures you never lose users in droves.

Let’s assume someone starts a new search engine that delivers more accurate results than Google in a faster period of time. Does this mean people will abandon Google? There is little chance of this happening because users are connected to Google through other services like Gmail, YouTube, and so on.

Companies can create a better search engine than Google, a superior email service than Gmail, and a finer video platform than YouTube. However, it is unlikely for one company to do all this on its own and match Google’s ecosystem.

You can thus offer multiple services outside your app that ties your users within an ecosystem. This will unconsciously bind people to your mobile app and thus skyrocket loyalty.

#4 - Leveraging website traffic for app downloads

Data from Appsflyer shows 10% app downloads are preceded by a visit to the app’s official website. It is thus safe to say that website traffic is a good channel to acquire new app users.

There are many frameworks app companies can adopt to drive more traffic to their website. SEO traffic is a natural starting point. The natural benefit with SEO is its organic nature. Companies can patiently develop content and landing pages that rank high on good keywords.

Other channels to get website traffic include emails and social media. Developing a constant stream of website traffic takes a lot of patience.

#5 - Collaborate with other app companies

The best time to make grand plans is the start of the year. One of the best ways to grow your app and company is collaborating with other companies. Work out agreements with other app companies and offer users a more unified experience.

Let’s assume you have a blogging app where you cover unique topics related to filmmaking and writing. Look for video creators who find your posts interesting and collaborate with them to create videos. This will help you move beyond your app audience and attract people on YouTube.

Third-party collaboration requires patience and time. Identify companies that serve a demographic similar to your own. Work out a way to forge a partnership and reach new audiences you couldn’t tap into earlier.

In conclusion

Some companies set lofty targets in order to motivate everyone to work harder. Others set more realistic goals so as to not intimidate anyone. Both paths have merits and app companies must recognize their own situation while setting their own goals.

This piece brings to light five overarching goals companies can set for 2021. These goals will push companies in the right direction for the challenges to come in the weeks and months ahead.

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