Five Features Every Property Management Business Require

by Joy Gomez Founder at Field Promax

When you think about Property management, our minds immediately think about real estate. But there are things beyond selling and buying that require proper management and care. Renovation, cleaning, electricity, heating and plumbing facilities, HVAC system and other resources that come along with a property are included in the management of a piece of property. Field Property management can be made more accessible with software that can navigate all the necessities in one place. Lucky for you, Field Promax is an expert and serves various industries to find their clients and customers through property management QuickBooks, which we will be discussed further below.

With well-equipped property management software in hand, it is easier to schedule and dispatch, organize and monitor, track and streamline all the essential components of your property management business. While many businesses work with paper and pen, we offer an option with unlimited encrypted access to your business data. The SaaS-based website software, along with its mobile app, allows you to be prepared for any office or field emergencies. Property management involves a lot more than just plots and buildings but is much more beyond that.

Different industries included within Property Management

These industries are responsible for the maintenance and the pre-management of a property before they get into sales. All these industries are concerned with properties big and small and get large numbers of work orders every day. There are various schedules, meetings, dispatches, invoices, equipment, technicians and much more to manage and deal with. If your business is one of the above, we provide five features to make your business run smoother.

Features your Business needs

1. QuickBook

Quickbooks Integration

With QuickBooks, you can find all the information about your customer quickly. The two-way sync between Field Promax and QuickBooks helps increase your customer database and makes accounting easier. You can generate estimates and invoices without calculation errors spontaneously and accurately anywhere at any time. QuickBooks also holds a record of all your finance, so your account book is updated at all times. It is available both as a desktop version as well as online. QuickBooks inventory management software enables your business the benefit of keeping track of your customer details encrypted, your financial statements updated and the best companion for your growth and success. 


2. Scheduling and Dispatching

Scheduling & Dispatching

This is the topmost concern if you belong to any of the industries mentioned above. Scheduling and Dispatching can get messy and require some AI assistance at times. With Field Promax, once the work order is generated, you can schedule technicians for the job by just dragging and dropping it onto the calendar and assigning a field professional for the job. The service dispatching software also dispatches them with the necessary information, required equipment and duly reminders before the fieldwork. An organized service scheduling software prevents overbooking field professionals, dissatisfied customers, last-minute changes and misunderstandings between the team.

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3. Mobile App

Mobile App View

For companies working in the field, it is highly crucial to have a convenient source to communicate with their team members or officials in case of emergencies. There are also other needs like taking pictures of the work done and uploading them, creating invoices, and online payment methods. A field management app can help technicians cursive their activities without any hindrances. The field service management app is a saviour from tracking their work hours to get paid rightly to tracking the pieces of equipment used. The Field Promax mobile app is compatible with both android and iOS devices. It is a mobilized version of the website software.


4. Team Management

Traffic Control

When working on a property, there are times when there is a need for more than one technician on the field. With a team managing software, you can track your technicians when they are on the field, direct them in their field of service, attend to their needs and doubts, and track their performance. It is essential to know the work efficiency of your technicians. Teams can also be segregated based on geographical locations, experience and other factors to monitor them more intensely. Team management also allows smooth communication, which can result in good fieldwork. Track your team anywhere and stay intact with their progress. 


5. Reports and Dashboard

Reports and Dashboard

Doing the best is always welcomed, but what if the best is still not enough? On the dashboard of the software, you can view your daily, weekly and monthly progress and performance rate. You can view it for every activity individually like scheduling, work orders, technicians, income etc. It shows the graph or chart of your business process and gives you an idea of where you may be going wrong. Reports are also updated on the service business management software to help you understand the company’s daily, weekly, monthly or yearly activities. This helped with doing the best in the right and required way.


Field Service Management Software is essential for various industries that strive to grow and expand their businesses. It helps with digitalizing and increasing the accessibility of business data from anywhere. Property management involves both office and fieldwork, which makes Field Promax a suitable tool in your journey. You can customize the software based on your needs and streamline your work orders just the way you please. 

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