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by Amili R. SEO
Have you ever wondered how much do you end up spending on your electricity bills for no fault of yours? It undoubtedly becomes one of the largest energy expenses in most of the Indian homes. The scorching heat has left us with no option other than extended hours of AC usage.

In this blog we have compiled a list of doable, easy, and cost-effective ways to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner while saving a lot on your expenses. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have creative material for a high efficiency central air conditioner. Let’s go through the 7 best, low cost solutions for the maintenance of your air conditioner. As the weather is only getting warmer with every passing day, this article will serve as an ultimate guide on getting the most out of your air conditioners.

1.The outdoor condenser unit needs cleaning:

The outdoor unit needs to be dust and grime free to work most efficiently. You can either book an expert from outside for this or you can simply do it yourself. There are many videos making rounds on You tube on how to clean the condenser unit. Cleaning the debris from the unit is not difficult but one needs to be careful.

2. Clean the indoor vents to keep them always unblocked:

One needs to vacuum the dust, debris, and grime away from the units of the Residential central air conditioning system as they can seriously cause damage to your machine by clogging the vents. The unblocked vents will allow a smooth and steady air supply, thus maintaining your machine. Again, if you want you can book a professional for thorough clean up or you can easily do it yourself.  Please remember, that any kind of blockage such as blinds, furniture or articles should be kept away from the vent always.

3. Adjust the thermostat levels:

You will have to Increase the thermostat by a few degrees, that can typically range from degrees 5 – 8 (down in winter, up in summer). This will certainly help you amplify the power efficiency while saving on costs.  The pre programmable thermostat, the temperature can be automatically adjusted for the different times of the day. This comes in as a handy feature during the times you will be away from home.
4. Heat emitting objects and appliances to be moved away:

The list as you may have guessed by now is more about some small living and furnishing amendments rather than buying or equipping something. Such as here where it is advised that you place all heat producing appliances far away from the thermostat. The heat from the appliance will cause your machine to detect a rise in your room temperature that will further make it pump in more energy for longer duration and increase your electricity bills.
5. Keep curtains and blinds closed:

You must always keep the blinds and curtains drawn (during the times when sun hits the window). This will keep atleast some of the heat from entering your rooms just promoting a High efficiency central air conditioner.

6. Not just outer but internal cleaning is a must:

The drain by the indoor cooling coil that is generally mounted over furnace in the basement needs cleaning. The simplest way to do so is by flushing a cup of chlorine bleach followed by a gallon of water the drain can be kept clear throughout the summers. If you keep the drain line safe you can save the basement from taking on water in case the drain gets blocked. Also, it will prevent the drain from blockage.
7. Limit the usage of heat emitting appliances:

Using appliances such as ovens or dryers will cause the inside temperature to rise and will in turn cause warm air to circulate within your home. This will cause your air conditioning system to utilize more energy causing a hike in your bills!

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