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Hailer one today we're going to see learning a different thing. It has to add a second activity to add a second screen for our user and the process of going to want activity on one screen. The other is actually creating intense. So I will name this python training in Delhi project inter-net Coplan so doesn't forget to include Koplin subpart again and I will hit on next-next-next and I will create a new activity and then we deal with multiple activities. 

It is reasonable to name them but I will just leave this with the main activity. OK. So up until now we only worked that one screen. Right. So when users start they are up to cation. I started our application in the previous lectures. He or she saw only one activity one screen so this screen where we managed to design in this layout. Right. So what happens if we want more than one screen more than one activity. 

Python Training Topic 1:-

So let me go these build great python training institute here and change to be the one. Remember this is only done if you cannot see the activity main objects because since the very studio tree is now in preview mode it has some bugs. OK. 

And if you can see the hello world when you first open the project don't bother dealing with this. OK. So how do I add the second screen? Say connectivity. It is actually very easy. What you have to do is go here and click with your right click and say new. And here we have some classes Koplin files. 

Python Training Topic 2:-

We have drilled with this one before but we need activity. OK. So choose the gallery and here you can choose what python training in Delhi kind of activity you want. Now as you can see it is the main activity you can change the name to the second activity or anything you want. But I will just leave it as main seconds into activity as you can see. 

Right now we how a second class in here showed that these are two different Koplin files coupling classes and respectively we have two different layout files as well. So we have activity main to layout and we have acted to mean one lab. So they're all connected to each other. 

First one is connected with the first one and the second one is connected with the second one. So we deal with the design and coding stuff of the multiple activities with this method. So let's set up and continue within the next lecture. Since we have two activities right now let's try and design the first one K and the first one. Let me take this text for you here and you and I. 

Python Training Topic 3:-

So the ideal to be the text for you really does matter. You can call it whatever you want I will just make this into a bigger tax and I will say this is the first step. OK. So we can differentiate them. When we look at it when we were on them later.

 So this will be the first activity and let's go to all the attributes here. And you need a bigger text size. So it will be aligned centrally. And let me give you some gravity to this text for you as well. So it will be the python training in Delhi center. Now what I want to do is to bring in Abadan. OK. 

So what I'll do with this button is when I click this it will take me to the other activity. So let's call it second act for a second activity. Ants do it on quick math. It will change activity I think. I couldn't do it. Let me. Right from the beginning. Change activity. 

Python Training Topic 4:-

That kept to a for activity. So what do I have to do? Now I will have to give them some constraints in order to work and let me go to the second activity and do some text for you again and call this second activity. So we will understand if we are in the first activity or second activity. 

So this will be pointing as well. It will be centrally aligned it will have the same attributes actually. So this will be center of gravity. So now we know that we are in the second activity today. 


And let me bring in another python training in Delhi to this. What will it do? They'll take us to the first act. So change activity again. K maybe we can do these and other things go back actually doesn't matter since we write in two different classes. But just to avoid your confusion. OK. 

So the main activity what do we have here. We have a function that changes activity. Right. And this will be called by a view called view. 

And let me create our block so that I click on this one it will run the change to the function and the seconds activity. What we have here is go back and this will again be called by a view called view

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