Fighting Your Smoking Addiction

by Mohit J. White Hat Link Building Services

Are you one of the many smokers out there that have wanted to quit and tried but had to give up after very little time because it was too hard and the withdrawal too much? You are not alone, this is a problem a lot of smokers have. You could ask many smokers and most would admit they have tried to quit at least once if not more. Most are aware now that smoking is awful for you, it costs a lot of money and you are impacting the health of your loved ones too.

Cold turkey just does not work for a lot of people

A lot of people stop and then hit the physical withdrawal and suffer through the mental issues of anxiety and depression and go back to smoking to feel ‘better’. The more a smoker smokes, the more nicotine they are taking in, the harder the addiction is. But apart from the nicotine, traditional cigarettes have a host of things in them that are really bad for you. For example, it is the tar that stains your teeth, can cause teeth to fall out and causes lung cancer and more. While some people can just stop and can get through it, a lot of people cannot. That is where things are better now than they once were as there are more aids, therapy options and such than ever before. Patches, gums, vape shops near me that sell e-cigarettes, hypnotists, therapists and more.

Dealing with the urge to smoke

The hardest part of quitting is fighting the urge when it comes. But remember you know when most of those weaker moments are going to be so you can plan somewhat on how to get past them. There are a few things you can do including;

  1. Find something else to do with yourself. If you are drinking your morning coffee and you want to light a cigarette start doing some meal prep work for tonight’s dinner or take your coffee to go and go for a walk.
  2. Try out meditation. There are a number of techniques you can learn, but some people find that when that urge comes going into your meditative state is effective at focussing away from the need and relaxing.
  3. Put something else in your mouth. Now, this can be a problem as a lot of people choose food and then gain weight and think they would rather smoke than struggle with weight loss. So choose things that are not high in calories, healthy snacks, gum, sugar-free hard-boiled sweets even a toothpick!
  4. Choose a method to quit smoking that mimics the habit like e-cigarettes which are a lot better for you, that you can find at vape shops near me.
  5. Avoid tough situations. Skip your smoker friend’s house party, or heading to a situation where you will be tempted. Keep your surroundings smoke-free and paraphernalia free too.


When you are looking to give up cigarettes plan your steps and set yourself up for the best chance of success. It is still going to be hard, but it could make the difference between giving up successfully or giving in. Happily, you do not have to work everything out by yourself.

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