Fiber cement board is not calcium silicate board

by Black White Press Release Submission
calcium silicate board is made up of citrate algae as the basic material plus cement, fiber, etc., and is heated by high temperature and high pressure steam to form a crystal with excellent stability and baked into calcium silicate board. The raw material does not contain asbestos, which can effectively reduce the rate of change of water absorption length. It belongs to completely green building materials and has good stability in accordance with CNS regulations. If it can be processed after various changes, such as surface decoration paper or directly dyed on the surface of the board, it is better than the plaster ceiling for the beautification of the light steel frame ceiling.
Calcium citrate can clearly see the bright spot from the front because of the phenomenon that the mica flakes are not completely decomposed during the process. (Some specific brands on the mica can produce green highlights on the transparent paint.) From the side, it can be clearly seen that the fibers with diagonal stripes are densely packed and have no pores.

The fiber cement panels uses cement as the raw material, adds appropriate amount of adhesive, and then incorporates certain fiber materials to make the performance of the cement board more stable, and then the artificial board processed through several processes. Fiber cement board is more suitable for labor-intensive workplaces, such as chemical, power generation and other labor-intensive areas. Of course, it is frequently used in our common places, such as large supermarkets, hotels, conference centers, cinemas and other public places. To provide a fire retardant protection for these construction projects.

Wood fiber cement board: cement, wood chips and non-toxic chemical additives are mixed and made by high pressure process. Light weight, slightly elastic, smooth surface; the outer wall substrate is mainly used in foreign countries, but it is used for general surface decoration materials in Taiwan, which can outline the beauty of the design and the special shape, because its structure is cement-chipdust-cement pressure It is more waterproof than fiber cement board, but its moisture resistance and sound insulation are superior.

Although they all have the effect of fire prevention, the two are not the same thing, and the construction method used is different.

The calcium silicate board is mostly used in the dry light compartment. When the board is sealed, the board is sealed in a straight manner, and the rock wool or glass wool is filled in the compartment to reduce the heat transfer coefficient and achieve the effect of fire prevention. Usually, hospitals, large factories, schools, etc., when it is necessary to make fire-resistant aging zones during construction, most of them will use dry light compartment construction.

The fiber cement board is mostly used in the wet light compartment. When the board is sealed, the board is sealed in a horizontal manner, and the compartment is filled with the cement slurry which has been stirred by the styrofoam ball. After the cement slurry is dried, the wall surface is relatively solid. Wet light compartments are not common in general residential renovations. They are limited to a lot of things when filling grout, such as large mixing drums, high pressure filling machines, and high pressure rubber tubes. More commonly seen is the use of indoor compartments in the new construction of the building.

Such a superior fiber cement board is of course the first choice in people's minds. What is even more surprising is that fiber cement board is also economical. As a decoration material, it greatly reduces the decoration cost of everyone, and also brings beautiful decoration effect. It can be said that it is truly affordable. Long service life, safe and reliable. more informaiton please visit

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