Feng Shui Tips for the Attic of Ultra Luxury Apartments in Chowringhee

by Avani Rai THE 42

The attic of your ultra luxury apartments in Chowringhee stays there as the most avoided corners of all. But do you know that Feng Shui beliefs state that your attic might as well affect your future if not maintained properly? On the other hand, if you have the right knowledge, you can organize events of future and develop new opportunities solely with the help of this attic.


Feng Shui masters believe that what lies below your feet deals with your past, while what lies above your head resonates with your future. For example, if you have moved to your new place nearly 6-7 months back and had still not unpacked most of your things, it means that you are stuck in your past. This may create a block for you to move forward.


Feng Shui tips for attic


  • So, you must take your steps immediately. Hand a beautiful artwork on your headspace. This way the head space will look interesting. Now, look at it and start concentrating on raising the energy around your apartment.


  • Your next step should be to clear your attic off junks. Because heavy tops always signify a collapse. So, ask yourself whether you really need all the stuff you have kept in this overhead space.


  • If you see that you do not know what you have kept up there, that means that you are entering into an uncertain future. Is the attic easily accessible? How; is there a trapdoor or a ladder? Remember, easy access to attic will signify creating better opportunities in future. If your attic is a dark place, consider introducing a light bulb there.


Once you sort all these up in your head, your sorting starts. Get all your stuff down from the attic; sort and organize all your belongings. Ask yourself questions for every object-


  • Do I need this in future?
  • What does having this object mean?
  • What good will this object do to me?


Do not escape even object in this process. After you are through, you will have your own pile and a pile you are most likely to get rid of.


Your next step will be repacking the attic, of course. In this process you need to apply Feng Shui analogies and create possibilities. Here are some tips for your premium apartments in Chowringhee.

  • Colour code your storage bins and create a pattern.
  • Your treasures should have a meaningful designation. Use the element cycle for that and keep a balance.
  • Storage bins should be bug proof, moth proof and rodent proof.
  • The more accessible the storage bins are, the clearer the path to a prosperous future will be for you.
  • Which decorating, balance your yin and yang spaces.
  • Adjust lighting with remote controls or timers.
  • Create an inventory of unused and less-used stuff for your convenience.


These Feng Shui tips are going to work in your favour and bring you a prosperous future. So, work on the attic of your ultra luxury apartments in Chowringhee and bring prosperity to your life.

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