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Feminine EnchantmentIf you’ve ever felt like you were giving everything to a man or a relationship, only to be taken for granted… If you’ve ever felt like no matter what you did, you were never “enough” for a man that you were seeing… If you’ve ever spent months or years with a man and you felt like everything was going great but he started getting distant, withdrawn, or maybe even disappeared on you… Or if you’ve ever really liked or even fallen in love with a guy and you knew that he was the right one for you but he seemed unsure, not ready, or confused… To help you and the other women with similar problems, Helena Hart has come up with a program – the Feminine Enchantment. This program will help you address the root causes of your breakups and start prosperous relationships. Helena HartHelena holds a masters degree in Psychology. Helena Hart is a certified life and relationship coach. She is also an author and Master Coach Teacher. The author provides 10 emotional triggers that will help you capture the heart of your man. Helena Hart’s guide breaks everything down into the simplest terms possible. You are going to use this simple guide to create a more powerful impression of yourself. You are going to learn the secrets of becoming more appealing to those around you. You will learn the role of masculine techniques in your relationship. The product will show you some emotional triggers using which you can capture any man’s heart. The program will help you whether you are married, single or recently divorced and empower you to have a long-lasting relationshi.Feminine Enchantment

This guide is going to tap into powers and thoughts that you didn’t even know you had. Not only are you going to learn how to attract a man, but you are going to learn the secrets to making sure that man stays right where he is supposed to. In the program, you will learn about what sabotages most relationships and makes men pull away. You will learn about how women should avoid employing masculine techniques to sustain a relationship. The magnetic pull is the feminine magnetism you need to keep him in your relationship. Another provided principle, “Opposite Attract,” will help you learn about the feminine qualities you require so that you can start attracting men.It will help you to make a man commit to you for a lifetime using a few simple techniques. Through the program, you are going to discover feminine magnetism that you can use to win a lovely relationship. The program also reveals to women about the common things that sabotage relationships and marriages. To help you improve or start a better relationship, the author teaches you why you should avoid employing masculine techniques in your relationships. This program has everything you need to learn how to connect with a man and bring him close in a really authentic way. It not only teaches you to show up high value but also feminine to attract quality men.

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Feminine Enchantment

Feminine Enchantment


There is a plot in the American drama "Snake Maid" that impressed me-a 50-year-old housewife made a new boyfriend after divorcing her husband. The ex-husband came to ask for reconciliation rashly, she sternly refused, and told her ex-husband: "I never knew I was such a good woman until I met him and listened to him telling me this time and time again." He praised her cooking skills. , Hugged her slightly blessed body, stared into her eyes and said: "You are worth all the beautiful things." But his ex-husband never disdains everything she pursues.

So I think, no matter what kind of love, whether it is love, family affection, or friendship, what we most want from intimacy is probably a kind of recognition.

You know my glory and my discomfort, but you have accepted all this with all your heart, and you are still willing to embrace me.

We saw the truest of each other and were addicted to it. This is true love.

I have had two very bad friends. One of them is always saying "you can't".

At that time, I was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. She thought that with my grades, I should never apply to that prestigious school. So, the most common thing to do was to say when I was studying: "Is it useful? Anyway, I can’t pass the exam. It’s better to be as early as possible. give up."

Later, I started writing articles. At that time, no magazine asked me for a manuscript, and I had not yet written the hot articles that made me enter the editor’s attention. During a chat, I told her that I was writing an article, but she said: "Just you?" And another friend always said "You are not good enough".

I am not a person who can easily engage in evil with others. Besides, we are still classmates, and we can't see and see when we lower our heads, so I have always maintained such a relationship with them.

It's just that I was not as strong as I am now, because of them, my inferiority complex is getting heavier.

In front of my first friend, I no longer reveal my sincerity, let alone my wishes, dreams or even ambitions, because I know that any my imagination of the future will be refuted by her completely impossible.

In front of my second friend, I actually learned to laugh at myself before he criticized me: "I think I'm so bad." The evolution of this sentence is "I know I look ugly" (so you You don’t have to laugh at my clothes anymore), "My writing is bad" (so you don't need to say that I write poorly), "My interview process is not very good" (so even if you fail, you don't have to laugh at me).

Later, these two former friends and I were completely separated. The human heart has a defense mechanism. I have been frustrated and sad in the interaction with them, and it is impossible for me to learn nothing all the time. I no longer take the initiative to talk to them, and even deliberately avoid them. I never lost my temper or showed any displeasure in front of them, but we truly broke off. Since then, I have almost said to every friend or stranger who confided in me emotional problems: "You should break up as soon as possible." What I mean by "breaking up" is not to tear your face, but to stay away from them as soon as possible.

When I was about 20 years old, even though I had written so many soul chicken soup, I still fell into inferiority, confusion and loneliness for no reason. There is nowhere to tell, I have to digest and absorb it by myself, day after day, until they become a hard rock, and they live in my heart.

I later met many people and more sincere friends. They said to me: "You write very well, and it can be better." They also said to me: "I like you very much, and I am very happy to be with you."

I am not vainly needing a compliment, but their recognition makes me feel that I can keep writing it down, and I can live a boring life with a beautiful and beautiful life.

In those happy and relaxing times, I truly accepted all of myself-recognized my strengths and brilliance, and recognized my shortcomings and shadows.


"I love you not because of the way you are, but because of the way I am when I am with you."

I have met a truly talented person. In order to chat with her smoothly, I often have to Baidu non-stop. God knows, I know almost nothing about art.

I have also met someone who is very vulnerable. In order to avoid hurting him, I have to think twice about every word I say in front of him.

Of course, such feelings did not continue.

Although we have had a short happy time. But I can't disguise myself for a long time because of my lack of profound artistic accomplishment and a carefree speaking style.

The relationship that makes us most comfortable must not be a relationship full of disguise, but being able to be ourselves easily in this relationship.

So, how I love the way I look when I’m with those real friends, because that’s one hundred percent of me-a "female man" with a loud voice; one who likes to read some books, but only wants to talk about firewood, rice, oil and salt. "Pseudo literary youth"; a plain-looking, middle-lower figure, can always laugh at himself without worrying that my friends will look down on my "loser".

Don't worry about whether you said the wrong thing, your hair is messy, and you don't have to try your best to cater to a topic that I don't understand at all.

They also made me understand that no matter how many people betray your true heart, misunderstand your true meaning, misunderstand your truth, belittle your true feelings, you still have to be brave and strong to be yourself, as if you have never been disappointed or misunderstood. , Misreading, and being too slow.

Someone once asked: "What is love?" I want to say: "Love is because of this person, and I am more obsessed with this world."

I know that you are not perfect, and sometimes it is bad, but I still love you, just like I love myself who is also imperfect and sometimes bad.

Also, I am willing to be a better person with you.

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