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To run a retail store operation demands a range of administrative, management, and marketing skills. From making sure that there is enough stock to put together monthly sales reports, these skills are necessary for ensuring the smooth operation. This can only be achieved with help of an efficient POS system or point of sale system.

The POS system is the central component of your retail store. It is the place where a customer makes the payment for the goods and services they bought from your store. Retail POS software is very popular among retailers as they help to save their time and run the functions smoothly. After shopping when you bring the products to the counter and the shopkeeper or the worker scan your goods for Barcode and know the exact pricing and quantity of the product. They are using the POS billing software and because of the help of this software, they can calculate all the pricing including recent discounts.


Store owners have already arranged the POS system software according to the store requirements and they upgrade it on a timely basis. Some retailers don't understand the value of POS software, they use free POS software download for their store. It is not a "one fits all" situation. A retail store owner needs retail POS software whereas a restaurant owner needs the specific restaurant POS software because of the different functions of both trades.

This is why one must choose the POS system that is good enough to deal with certain specifications of different retail businesses. There are several POS system software available, you can choose one wisely according to their features. Marg Compusoft is the most preferable POS software in India because of its many features that meet the needs of almost all the sectors.


15 Must-Have Features of Marg POS System


Marg Compusoft is offering 15 features in their Point of sale (POS) systems all around the world. It is the best retail POS software in India because of its wide range of applications and compatibility among the retail industry. Let us discuss the main feature they provide in their POS billing software such as:-


1.     Touch billing with POS system


Just like our touch smartphones, Marg has the touch screen POS billing system. Direct access to all the operation modes from the main dashboard. It provides the flexibility to choose the order with pictorial representation of items. Such smart POS software is easy to handle. It keeps your arm free to handle the goods and other stuff and keeps the system updated so that anyone can use them without doing all the calculations in their mind. They are a real time saver. These systems are much faster and help to run the store smoothly during peak hours.


2.     Item/customer Photo Printing

It is a very helpful feature in POS software. It provides easy access to the pop-up groups and their items with their photos in the desired sequence. You cannot just add items in your POS system but you can also add photos for a better understanding of products. If there is any confusion in the name of the products or they are similar the display of item will give clarity.


3.     Inventory Management

As important the services are, you also need to confirm that you have all the items in your inventory you advertised in accordance to meet the demand of the product. Managing stocks, order fulfillment from vendors and transfer of items between one store to another with help of just one system has made the work easier. In short, it helps manage inventory levels, set reorder points to replenish stock, and save your losses due to expiry.


4.     Barcode and Fast Billing

This POS software generates barcodes for the easy distribution of items and provides the necessary detail of one product on all the stores which makes the whole operation smart and easy. Unmatched billing speed by Barcode scanning and defining shortcuts using intelligent search options like category, brand name, etc.


5.     Multimode Payment Mode

Retail POS software accepts payments through multiple modes. This helps the customer to settle their bill via cheque, cash, Debit/credit card, Wallets, etc. Customers can split their bills in multiple ways if one mode doesn't have enough money. A store that only accepts cash as the payment mode loses a large number of customers because of this. Most of the people are using plastic money or digital money, which makes it an essential part of our daily lives. This is why it is a very important feature for POS software in India as consumers use several modes of payment under one roof to make the transaction easy.


6.     Cashier & Home Delivery

Marg POS billing software can manage the cash automatically. It has the cash drawer attached to it that only opens on saving every bill, which is a very safe way to control theft and robbery issues. Workers can move freely without worrying about the cash box leaving alone. POS software has the data of every consumer save in the systems like name, contact number, and address details. This way retail stores can offer safe home delivery services to their regular customers and expect more business from them.


7.     Import Purchase (Online/Offline)

With the help of the Marg POS system, you can import any purchase receipt or file from any excel or CSV format. Now you don't have to go down to all the account books to look for one particular purchase document. This system has made the work of retailers more smart and efficient. Every receipt and invoice is available on the fingertips of retailers. Modern POS systems are more energy and time-saving.


8.     Scrap Management

Now you don't have to maintain a different register to keep the records of expiry goods and services. POS system software helps to keep the track of expired and near expiry products sitting at your shelves. Which can help you to minimize your losses and you can return the products to the supplier before it expires. Most of the retail stores face this problem and a good POS system can alert you and you can save your precious time and money.


9.     Points Management

Points management enables the business owners to easily manage the points for their respective customers which will result in an expansion in the business. Sometimes store owners have monthly discount schemes running for their regular customers. It enhances the sale and profit of the store. They allot points to their regular customers based on their shopping list and at the end of the month, they reward the selected customer and give them some kind of gift and discount.


10.              Cloud Backup

POS software saves and upload their data online and directly store it in Google Drive/ One Drive. Retailers can access the data from anywhere and restore the backup as per the requirement. Anyone who has access to POS software can easily find the data they were looking for. You can easily get access to old files and can compare the profit and loss of different years. It also contains the data of your customers which will help you to run seasonally contest and attract new customers.


11.              SMS/email (Schedule)

Marg POS software can easily schedule and send auto SMS and email regarding outstanding, reminders, schemes, etc. To customers. They can also give them information about the on-season sale and new trends you have available on your store.


12.              Auto Bank Reconciliation

POS billing software has the auto-bank reconciliation with 140 plus banks. It can help you to do the payment in real-time, advanced payment options can be scheduled. POS system enables you to make the automatic ledger entry and more.


13.             Business Analysis Reports

With the help of POS software, you can stay on top of managing your finances with powerful 1000 of sales, purchase, inventory, and accounting reports. It will not even take much of your time and keep the accounts update all the time.


14.             Own Website

In today's world, it is time to go digital and change the way of doing business. Marg POS system will allow users to create personalized websites with top item promotion. You can create more orders and collect payments all over the world.


15.             GST Billing & E-way Bill

It can help to push transactions into the GSTN portal in excel, JSON, or CSV format and file GST returns directly. You can generate E-way bills after being registered on the GST portal.

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