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Fashion photography for Instagram, is that the new rage in social media marketing? It seems as though every few weeks there is a new program or some new program of this nature launched that claims to bring quality photography to the Instagram crowd. It seems that all of them are trying to one day have exclusive rights to take pictures on Instagram and have them appear on all of the popular social networking sites. This seems to be the way things are going at the moment for many photographers. However, before you jump aboard the latest trend just remember this...

The problem with using Instagram as your new photography blog is that quality is directly affected by the quality of the Instagram photographer that you choose to work with. You need to choose someone that has good skills and who uses professional equipment. If you don't you are going to be taking photos that are far less than desirable. So how does one go about doing this? Just follow these simple steps:


Step One - Pick Your Subjects wisely. If you are a first-timer trying out Instagram photography don't pick the hottest models. You need to select people who have a natural beauty to them. A lot of the models that you see online may not have the ability to take photos that are of the highest quality. So choose wisely.


Step Two - Pick a lens. The lens that you are using while taking the photographs should be able to isolate the subject from the background. This will allow the person taking the shots to take sharper photos and to create a more powerful image. In other words, make sure that your lenses are taking the best shots that your camera can. This will result in the best quality photos.


Step Three - Shoot your Fashion Photography For Instagram in RAW format. The usual format that digital cameras take photos in is a JPEG format. JPEGs lack quality so many professional photographers prefer shooting in RAW format because they get more details in their images. So, if you want the best results with your fashion photography for Instagram then you better shoot in RAW.


Step Four - Use the right settings. Instagrammers like to look at pictures that are taken in low lighting settings. This is because they feel the images come alive when the light is low. You can accomplish this kind of photography by using the aperture priority mode and by turning off all the light settings.


Step Five - Keep on shooting. Even though you get the best images with the settings you've used so far, there are going to be moments when you mess up. Just continue shooting and editing your photos. It will all be worth it in the end.


Finally, you want to focus on the type of fashion photography for Instagram that you are doing. There is no point in taking shots of fashion trends if you are taking a picture of a ball gown and trying to make out her bra. Do your homework and understand the current trends. If you can do this then you will be able to have the most successful career in fashion photography for Instagram.


As you become more experienced you might be able to take some better images but you never want to settle for good quality pictures. As you learn more you will start to learn what makes some people more popular than others. For example, there are some people who have naturally amazing features that make them look like models. Others are simply average-looking individuals who happen to catch the eye of many people through their nice photos.


In addition to focusing on quality, you should also try to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. There are thousands of Instagram photographers out there and only a few of them are really successful. Focus on your style and your personal style and what works for you. What do you like about fashion or being a model? Try to incorporate that into your photography as much as possible.


Remember, even though Instagram has become a very popular site where people post photos of themselves or others, you still need to create high-quality images in order to make the most of the service. Remember, that not everyone who posts on Instagram is going to be an expert at doing fashion photography. Do your best every time and you will soon be considered one of the top Instagram photographers.

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