FAQs on Choosing Water Tank Cleaning Services

by Rajat S G. Be Professional
Which kind of method does your water tank cleaning services use?

  • For the purpose of cleaning tanks, we have a special high- pressure suction machine that cleans the entire tank by removing around 30 percent of water. This way it assists in having a clean tank along with saving water.

What is the maximum tank size that your water tank cleaning service can clean?

  • Our services can effectively clean water tanks that contain around 1000 litres of water to 1 megalitres. We use advanced tools that make our deep cleaning service highly effective and provide satisfaction to our customers.

Can you repair my leaking tank?

  • Leaking tanks can be easily repaired. However, we will suggest you to install a linear if the tank is beyond repairable condition.

Should I go for water tank cleaning even if the water inside it appears to be just fine?

  • As a leading cleaning services Dubai, we would recommend you to clean your water tank every 2 to 3 years. However, if this happens to be your personal supply and you find very low amount of contaminants, you have the personal discretion regarding the frequency at which you require it to be serviced.
How hygienic is your water cleaning equipment?

  • We offer specialized water cleaning services in UAE. We clean water tanks that contain drinking water. For this purpose, we use special equipment which go through a quality check every time before we use them. We also sanitize these in order to ensure safety and hygiene.

Do I have to empty my tank before you clean it?

  • No, this is not the requirement every time. If we find your tank to be too dirty, or find any dead animal like bird, lizard or earthworms inside, we will empty your tank.
How long will I have to wait for using my water after tank cleaning?

  • You can right away start using your water. If you cannot do it, that would indicate that we have not given you the right service.

What to do if any animal is found dead in my water tank?

  • We can sanitize your water tank with a solution containing chlorine dioxide. This will help in removing any biological bacteria and foul odor.

Should I clean the walls of the water tank?

  • It is not necessary all the time. Gravity accounts for around 99 percent of all the accumulated debris to stagnate at the tank’s bottom. This section of dirt can be separated without sacrificing the entire volume of water.

Why do I have a yellow tinge in my tank water?

  • In case you have too much leaf litter present in the gutters, the presence of tannins can actually stain tank water. This is just the way teabag adds a hint of color to a cup containing hot water. Regular gutter cleaning can result in alleviating such discoloration as you fill fresh water to your tank.

How to know if my water tank has algae?

  • Algae do not grow in the absence of sunlight. If your water tank happens to contain it, we need to fix the issue by not letting sunlight to pass through your tank.

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