Factors affecting the wall thickness of stainless steel water pipe

by yane Yang Sales Manager
In various practical applications, the thickness of stainless steel water pipes will not be exactly the same. There are many factors that influence the adjustment of wall thickness, such as mechanics, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, economy, connection mode and so on. This is a detailed analysis of these factors.
First, the effects of material mechanics, corrosion resistance and wear resistance are observed. Because stainless steel is recognized as the three excellent metal materials. The tensile strength of stainless steel pipe made of 304 stainless steel is more than 520Mpa, the surface of thin and dense oxide film of chromium also make stainless steel pipe in all water has excellent corrosion resistance, and can withstand a long time erosion of high-speed water flow, in addition to thick wall stainless steel pipe can fully meet the above 50 year service life.
The second aspect connection of stainless steel pipe, the main traditional welding flange and so on, but due to the characteristics of their installation process, also decided to use only the thick wall stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe to ensure the connection strength and reliability of welding, usually require stainless steel tube wall thickness is greater than 2.0mm. The connection of other popular thin-walled stainless steel tubes is a unique design structure for pipe fittings.
The third aspect is from the economic point of view. In some sense, of course, it is thicker stainless steel pipe with thicker wall thickness, which ensures the safety and reliability of the pipeline system. However, because the price of stainless steel material is more expensive, the increase of wall thickness will certainly increase the cost of the pipeline system. In terms of the user's economic requirements, it is possible to use the wall thickness as long as it can meet the requirements of the service life. According to the experience of stainless steel pipe in European and American countries, the 0.8mm thick wall stainless steel pipe specified in the industry standard can meet the requirement of 50 years' service life.
As for the thin-walled stainless steel pipe, the thickness of the pipe is the key to the connection strength of the pipe. When the wall thickness is reduced to the safety factor, the reliability will certainly be reduced by several levels. The essence of the stainless steel pipe wall thickness is a surface, which essentially requires not only ensure the strength of pipeline connection, but also have good performance of external force collision resistant to various kinds of seismic performance, under various circumstances, and hidden works for the life of the product and corrosion allowance.
The wall thickness of stainless steel pipes specified in the ASTM standard is a lot of calculation and practice. On the basis of many years experience of European and American countries, it is determined by referring to the advanced foreign standards. Therefore, it is possible to confirm that the wall thickness specified in the standard is suitable.
Source: China Stainless Steel Water Pipe Manufacturer - Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (

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