External hard drives VS Cloud storage

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As technology grows with the passing years, people have switched to storage devices to store and transfer their digital media. Now that the cloud has been introduced in the modern era as the savior of data backup storage and security technology; many still rely on external hard drives. It might be difficult to choose between them, but here are some pros and cons of both storage devices to help you choose the best for your purpose. 

External hard disk drive

Like a standard hard drive, an external hard drive is a hard disk drive enclosed within a container that connects to the system with connectors. 

However, they are portable, convenient and faster than an internal hard drive used to store data or data backup. They could be the best choice to transfer and store any sensitive data with a tremendous storage capacity. 

Cloud storage

Clouds are not actual clouds but are the servers that could be accessed with an internet connection. The cloud can be referred to as a remote server that third-party providers own. 

They become the best option when you need to transfer, upload or store data backup on the cloud server as they provide good data security. People are going crazy over the cloud’s ability to have scalable tools controlled only by them. 

External hard disk VS Cloud storage 

1. External hard disk drive:


a. Portable and convenient
Almost all external hard drives have a USB interface that could connect or disconnect to any laptop or standard desktop. With the help of OTG cables, they could be connected to mobile phones, making them more user-friendly. It is a super portable device among all. 
b. Accessibility

When you lose your data from a system or a failed device, you can use an external hard disk drive as a primary use for data backup to quickly access the important data without any internet connection.

a. Susceptible to failure 

As it is a hard disk drive with sensitive components inside, it is prone to many damages and failures, which could render your data inaccessible. It can be affected by human, electrical or natural errors that can make the data backup inaccessible, which data recovery professionals can only recover. 

b. Natural disaster 

Like all physical storage devices, an external hard disk drive can not survive in a natural disaster like a fire or flood. 

c. Lack of encryption 

Most of the external hard drives don’t come with encryptions, and because of its simple usage, anyone can access them, even hackers or thieves. So make sure to buy an encrypted external hard drive, and do not ever forget the encryption key to protect your sensitive data. 

2. Cloud storage


a. Data availability 

It’s all easy with cloud service when you need to access your data anywhere and any time of the day. You just need an internet connection to get your data on your screen at your remote location. Data stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere. 

b. Data protection 

Your data is all safe and protected from natural calamities like flood or fire, unlike a physical server. This offsite data storage option ensures data protection from any physical disaster or failure of the device.

c. Encryption and data security 

Many attackers and cybercriminals seek business to steal their confidential data and sensitive credentials of the customers. Cloud service offers many data security tools and programs that give better layers of security against attacks and hackers. 


a. Multilayer encryption

Cloud service providers are well known for their data security and protection features. Still, sometimes it can be time-consuming when we immediately need to access the data with a multilayer of encryption. 

b. Downtime 

It could be a big headache when the cloud service faces downtime due to some network issue from your side or the cloud service provider’s end. It lowers the productivity and performance of the business. Resulting in risking the reputation. 


Both storage devices can become useful for you when you need to implement a data backup strategy for your business. Both backup solutions are useful for one or another. They should be included in any data disaster recovery plan to resolve any data loss problem within a short period. Though the cloud storage and external hard drive both are susceptible to failures and downtime that can risk your sensitive data that could only be recoverable by data recovery service

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